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    Posted January 13, 2014 by
    Snellville, Georgia

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    We have come so far, and we still have a long way to go.


    By Tom Livsey, CNN National News Editor,


    As America, and the world look back to remember a great man of change Jan. 20, 2014, we all realize that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. blazed a freedom path over 51 years ago, when he led men and women of all colors to Washington D.C., and shared these few words....'I Have A Dream'.


    Little did those community leaders know then, and less do today's leaders know now, other than that we, as a people, have come a long way, and we all have a long way to go.

    when it comes to racial equality, and proper governmental representation.


    Though great chances have been made to right some of the wrongs of the past, one thing that is always a constant, is that  we have come a long way, and we all have a long way to go.


    Over 50 years ago, Dr. King, put it on himself to make a change.


    Today America celebrates the month of February for Black Americans, who have made contributions to our great nation.


    However, one should question, when is it time for others to do something, instead of remembering a person who lost his life, trying to give people of color a platform to do something for themselves.


    What would Dr. King would say today to Black people,(i.e. That is what Negroes want to be referred as today)?


    Millions of minority leaders agree that his response would go something  like this, "Get your butt up and do something !"


    So, as we come to this time of year to talk about the first Black, and the first Black., and the first Black....Time is now right to create your own mark in the world, and become the best, no matter of your skin color".


    Just do something, and learn to embrace the differences of your neighbor's culture, and learn to live as one !


    One thing that should not be tolerated is the relaxed mentality, and the use of ,'The Race Card'.


    Any person of color who uses the issue of race, should make sure that they have exhausted every other aspect of their being, before considering this fact.


    Here is why. If any person of any race goes back far enough he will reveal that his ancestors were enslaved by others.


    That 's why if you fail to learn your past, your generation, is surely going to become victims to repeat these crimes against humanity.


    Therefore, let God rule over our human short comings, and instead share God's Love toward each other.


    For you can not crash a God's Party. However, when he call your life's number, you have no choice, but to go. Weather or not you are allowed into Heaven Golden Gates, will be determined by how you have lived your life here on earth.


    So, smile and love one another, and learn from those who are like and/or different from you and your family. Share knowledge. Share culture, throughout the towns and countryside worldwide.


    Most importantly, you should eagerly learn to love yourself, before it is too late to care. Stop using the race card, in order to spread anonmosity, due to your own inferiority complex.



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