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    Posted January 13, 2014 by
    Ulysses, Pennsylvania
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    Amish Reality

    To many Americans the Amish are thought of as peaceful, wholesome people with a quiet lifestyle and an even quieter demeanor. As much as we should remember they are people just like us, it's hard to do. They capture our interest. They intrigue us as sort of a secret society within our country.

    Interest peaked more and more after the Sam Mullet beard cutting case came into the news. TV shows began to emerge. "Amish out of Order" "Breaking Amish" "Amish Mofia". Exposing the bad side of the Amish, compliments of both Amish and ex-Amish. Do they have a story to tell? Are the pieces of the puzzle of intrigue being revealed and exposed or is it a money grab at the expense of tarnishing Amish reputations?

    What IS the truth when it comes to the Amish? From personal experience and research, I have learned that most of the "facts" posted on both TV and the Internet are false. False in the sense that each Amish community is different, with their own rules.

    The "reality" is that problems between English laws and Amish beliefs need to be addressed in a documentary and informational style, not in an over blown and over acted reality show. I've written a book on our experience with an Amish Bishop who had total disregard for English contract law while we were buying his Son-in-laws farm. "Amish Above The Law" Black mail was involved as well as trashing the property before closing. He blamed it on his community, who had nothing to do with it. The world needs to know that even amongst the Amish, there are bad apples but those bad apples shouldn't sway opinions in one bad direction, just as those "reality" shows shouldn't sway people.

    Lets get real. Lets get honest. Lets uncover those heavy lines so that we can really know what to expect from each other.
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