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    The Phenomenal of Price Comparison Site


    Era technology that is currently growing rapidly, was not only touching the mobile device sector continues to bring the latest types, but also touching the interests and desires someone to a product. Especially shoppers who require highly price information and comparison with other products, so it's time we need to consider the important things about price comparison to internet users/ online shopper. Because the role of development in this sector in particular ecommerce internet technology is getting stronger and more and more, including in developing countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Philippines.


    Maybe this time without knowing you have enjoyed these products, a price comparison website that presents a variety of products and you do not need the lid open because the concept of price comparison sites is thus, minimize user searching for a product by opening a site in one by one. Simply enter the keyword in the search box to quickly search through the product search box that appears.


    It is certainly not an easy matter, other than to be supported by computer experts, the development of search engine sites also need to process and learning the character and nature of the city's population. Generally, cities in developing countries and which has a consumptive nature is fertile ground for the development of e-commerce, in which each individual has a tendency to shop and have a fascination with the world of technology, especially the Internet.


    In the literature , a shopping search sites to help shoppers in a way which works a shopping search sites or price comparison only provide data in the form of prices from various online stores . Not only is it a tool for shoppers also provides detailed information and specifications to a brief description of a product , it is certainly intended to facilitate users or shoppers in their activities . If so, the important thing about price comparison to Internet user are no longer as common knowledge , even tend to want to be known by anyone other shoppers . This is because the level of knowledge and character of the population that tends to ' follow ' and consumptive . True?


    Traces Phenomenal Price Comparison Site
    Price comparison services were initially implemented as client-side add-ins to the Netscape and Internet explorer browsers, and required that additional software be downloaded and installed. After these initial efforts, comparison shopping migrated to the server so that the service would be accessible to anyone with a browser. Services which are now offered by websites dedicated to price comparison and by major portals. Since shopping on ecommerce site is still a new culture in many countries, there aren't many global sites in this category.


    As technology has improved, a newer "breed" of shopping Web portals is being created that are changing both the business model and the features and functionality offered. These sites do not "aggregate" data-feeds provided from the retailers, they search and retrieve the data directly from each retailer site. That allows for a much more comprehensive list of retailers and the ability to update the data in real time.


    Generic portals and search engines launched similar services and companies that stood to benefit from increased internet shopping (especially credit card and delivery firms) launched similar sites.


    Through 1998 and 1999, various firms developed technology that searched retailers websites for prices and stored them in a central database. Users could then search for a product, and see a list of retailers and prices for that product.


    For example PriceArea the price comparison site that is present in Indonesia is one of considerable success in the area of ​​Southeast Asia. Observations We do not just end there, some neighboring countries are also slowly infiltrated by a site that is predicted to be a trend in the time ahead. That is the price comparison site.


    In contrast with Japan and developed countries in America and Europe as well as the first to use e-commerce business model like this, in developing countries the price comparison site has long been used, and even may have been a usual daily activity

    7 key importance of price comparison sites


    *The accuracy of the data availability of the product
    *Speed ​​search time
    *Has an interesting view
    *Easy to use for searching
    *Has additional features that benefit users
    *Provide additional information through a newsletter facility
    *Equipped mobile service


    After a few it has been owned and always maintained performance and its performance, then it is not possible shoppers will visit and feel satisfied. Moreover, in the course of time interleaved with prizes to be more varied program, it would further add to the freshness of online shoppers to re-visit the site.


    So, how? Do you already know the important things about price comparison to internet user/ online shopper, especially in the area of Southeast Asia? The author would expect you can know more about this or at least know a next-generation e-commerce trends. May be useful.

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