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    Posted January 13, 2014 by
    Vancouver, British Columbia

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    Why Self Publishing is a Powerful Marketing Tool for Small Business Owners

    Writing and self publishing a non-fiction book is something that every small business owner needs to seriously consider. There is no doubt that a book is an extremely powerful marketing tool that can easily win new business that could not have been achieved in any other way. This can be witnessed by the multitudes of people who have had their businesses transformed by a book they self published.

    However, there’s one slight problem. Isn’t self publishing kind of like giving up? Isn’t self publishing only for those who cannot get a “real” publisher?

    You may be interested to know that self publishing has changed a great deal over the last few years. It used to be that a self published writer had to agree to purchase hundreds of books upfront. The books would sit, unsold, in the writer’s garage for years, reminding them that they failed to write a best seller.

    Think of the last book you read. Who was the publisher of that book? I’ll bet you can’t answer that question. The truth is that readers don’t care who the publisher is. They just want the content. They want their questions answered, their problems solved. If a book can do that, it’s a winner.

    Why is a book so powerful?
    How many times have you read a book and at the end had a totally different view about something or someone? Books are indeed very powerful persuasion tools.

    When a business owner takes the trouble to self publish a book based on his business or industry, they are suddenly perceived to be an expert in their industry. The result is the most potent marketing tool his business has ever had.

    The business owner can hand out a copy of his book at events and social situations where he would have normally handed out a business card. Suddenly people see him as an authority. It doesn’t matter that it is a self published book; the reader has no idea.

    Why is Self Publishing a Better Option Now?

    Amazon.com has made self publishing a book very simple. The writer can create a free account at Createspace.com, which is owned by Amazon. He simply uploads his book, along with the cover and writes a brief description. Createspace even gives out free ISBN numbers, making the entire process simple. Once the author approves the draft copy of the book, he can simply log in and order as many copies of the book as he likes. He can even order as few as one or two books!

    For business owners, it is not necessary to write a best seller. Sometimes the value of one new client is worth far more than selling two or three hundred books! Using his book to attract new clients is far easier than trying to sell a bunch of books.

    Most folks give up on self publishing before they have even started. Most business owners are so busy running their business that they cannot even imagine finding the time to write a book. Actually it is much easier than you think and some people have even ended up enjoying the whole experience of putting together their book immensely. Some have even said that it has enabled them to look at their businesses differently.

    Consider a Book Writing Coach
    A business owner can benefit greatly by hiring a book writing coach to help them produce a high quality book quickly. Suzanne Doyle-Ingram is currently working with a group of 14 business owners. “I am here to be their cheerleader and support person. Sometimes they get ‘stuck’ on simple things but until they are resolved, they simply cannot move forward. I am there to help them along.”

    In many cases, business owners already have a great deal of content written that they can repurpose for their book. Writing a non-fiction book can go very quickly once the outline is written. Doyle-Ingram says, “The key is to concentrate on writing and to keep writing until the book is finished. Only then do you think about marketing.”

    A well written self published book is an amazing sales tool for any small business owner. The book becomes a salesperson who works faithfully 24 hours a day 7 days a week every day of the year. The book doesn’t call in sick or demand a raise. To scale up your salesforce, you simply print more copies of your book.

    Business owners already know how difficult it is to attract the attention of their audience with traditional marketing and advertisements. Getting a book out there that people can pick up and actually read may seem overwhelming at first. Actually it isn’t that difficult if you make a plan and stick to it.

    A well written business book is a permanent asset the business owner will have for many years. The key to remember is that success will be measured not in book sales but in the increase in customers and sales revenue.

    The hard work writing the book pays off. In the end the book will continue to pull in customers for years and probably decades. Indeed a book can turn out to be the most cost effective investment ever made in business.
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