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    Posted January 13, 2014 by
    Enfield, Connecticut


    Company Announces Franchise Expansion Program through MTI Franchising

    Fargo, North Dakota -- Manure Technologies, Inc. announced today that its subsidiary, MTI Franchising LLC (“MTI”), a business dedicated to working with farmers and with investors who want to work with farmers in the cattle and horse industry, is implementing a new franchise concept. The franchises, which will produce and sell heating pellets made from manure, will operate under the Betsy’s Bricks® trademark. MTI will begin its franchising efforts in Midwest and Northeast regions, then will sell nationwide.

    MTI occupies a relatively untapped niche within the growing renewable energy industry. Noting the tremendous surge in the alternative biofuel market and with the goal to help farmers, the community, and the environment, the company is expanding operations and seeking qualified farmers and investors to become franchise owners.

    “We’ve been developing our patent-pending process of taking manure from cattle and horse farms and transforming the waste into an eco-friendly heating source since early 2011,” said Joseph Masciovecchio, founder of Manure Technologies, Inc. “Now we’re ready to expand the business and share our technology with potential franchisees.”

    “We expect rapid growth over the next five years as farmers and investors will now have a market-tested way to make additional income from farm waste, while helping the environment,” said Richard Munson, director of franchise development at MTI. “Betsy’s Bricks® pellets are an alternative to traditional wood pellets, and offer a cost-effective heating solution when compared to oil and gas.”

    “Manure Technologies, Inc. is clearly leading the charge for local sustainability,” said Dawn Fordyce, Managing Director for The Business Intelligence Group. “There are few perfect business models, but by helping to pair local farmers with local franchises to lower costs and increase revenues, the Manure Technologies team should be very proud of its accomplishments."

    The franchise program, developed with the guidance of the Chicago-based iFranchise Group and Connecticut-based legal counsel Kern & Hillman, LLC, could quickly expand nationally, according to Nick Masciovecchio, the company’s Director of Quality Control. “However, MTI’s primary focus is to roll out the franchise program in a way that helps ensure effective operations from the start. Based on our company’s experience and what we’re seeing in the marketplace, I believe this will be a solid franchise program. It takes advantage of the growth of the alternative fuel industry, and it has the full support of our founding team, as well,” he said.

    “We are confident in our product and services, and have built an organization specifically designed to sustain our expansion goals,” concludes Joseph Masciovecchio. “Through the addition of franchises, we expect to be able to take an even stronger foothold in the marketplace, and really make a difference in communities nationwide."

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    About MTI Franchising LLC: Manure Technologies, Inc. parent company to MTI Franchising LLC, engineered and fully tested a patent-pending process which converts cow and horse waste into eco-friendly, odor-free heating pellets that can be burned safely to heat homes with traditional pellet stoves. Betsy's Bricks® heating pellets are an alternative renewable energy source–a biofuel made from 100 percent recycled farm material. It’s a full-cycle product that starts out as farm waste, becoming pellets that are burned as heating fuel, which then turn into ash, which can be used as garden fertilizer. Betsy's Bricks pellets eliminate animal waste from the environment while reducing the use of oil, which helps eliminate greenhouse gases. In addition, the product can be stacked in tight areas, allows for longer burn time than wood, is competitively priced compared to wood pellets or bricks, and is cheaper for home owners to use than traditional heating oil or gas.

    For additional information, contact:

    Mr. Joseph Masciovecchio

    MTI Franchising LLC.

    1654 King St Suite 13

    Enfield, CT 06082

    Phone 1-800-758-5044

    Website: www.BetsysBricks.com

    Email: Franchise@betsysbricks.com
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