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    Posted January 13, 2014 by
    Chicago, Illinois
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    Changed your mind about marijuana?

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    “Bomber” will prevail without the "Bomb".


    It was 1981; I was assigned to police desk duty with 207th Military Police Co, 1st Infantry Division at Fort Riley Kansas. One late evening, I was reviewing the police blotter when a 2st Lieutenant whispered in my ear, hey, “are you coming to the open bar party” and I responded, no kidding, open bar, oh yeh I will be there. She said yeh and asked me to pick her up. Desk sergeant sitting across from me turned his head and smile and asked if I smoke; I said yeh.


    At the party, almost every one showed up even the MPs on duty during their breaks. All the confiscated alcohol, marijuana and drugs were available for free but contributions were required for the food. I had never seen so many brands of free alcohol and drugs during any party.


    Until then I did not know that “Bar and Yeh” mean Marijuana and “Smoke” is for Crack and heroin.
    Since then, I stopped saying “Yeh” and if any one invites me to open bar, I ask for further clarification. Now I wonder when people ask “pass the salt and pepper” or do you like “Broccoli” in bars and restaurants.


    On the other hand, I was amazed to learn that Law Enforcement officials are exempt from the very same rules and regulations which they are charged to enforce.


    I wonder why the policy makers are wasting taxpayer’s dollars to punish the innocent young people who are smoking, trading and producing marijuana which have been proven to be not as harmful as other drugs. Instead, government should be making every effort to educate the young generation not only on casual use of all harmful drugs but on negative effects of abusing alcohol and marijuana as well. It is not too late to regulate and enforce the laws to prevent abuse of drugs such as Heroin, Crack, PCP, Cocaine, depressant, amphetamine and even the marijuana laced with dangerous drugs which have street names like Zombie weed, Zig zag man, Squirrel, Smoke, Love boat, Fry daddy, El Diablito, Dope, Buda, Christmas tree, Bomb and Atom bomb.


    For centuries, people have puffed the dragon and it is matter of choice if someone smokes Golden leaf, Bomber, Bud, Queen Ann’s lace, Burn One, Yeh, Butter flower, B-40, Broccoli, Salt and pepper or Bhang which are various street names for marijuana, marijuana cigarettes and marijuana cigars.


    In my opinion, now is time to lift the sanctions and legalize the “Golden Leaf” as long as it is free of “Dusting”, so, when flying, young women don’t have to use condoms to hide “Queen Ann’s Lace” in their “Box”.


    It is no wonder why the private jet business is on the rise.




    P.S. Dusting; adding PCP, Heroin, or another drug to Marijuana.

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