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    Posted January 13, 2014 by

    Passionate Players of YoVille Boycott Zynga


    If you haven't yet heard, Yoville, a popular social Zynga game on Facebook, is shutting down once and for all on March 31, 2014. And the passionate and devoted players of Yoville are acting out.


    Yovillians have already created petitions to bring back Yoville or else they will "never play another Zynga game ever". There have been an outburst of Youtube videos focusing on the closing of Yoville and many are devastated and feels they have been cheated. Yovillians have formed rallies and protests outside of Alton Towers to strongly express their opinion on the shutting down of their game.


    There was an announcement on the Yoville forums that claimed Yoville was "here to stay". With that, yovillians were relieved and continued to spend real money for yocash and yocoins in the game, even suscribing to be a VIP member of Yoville.


    That was last year.


    Now that YoVille is going to shut down, many YoVillians claimed that Zynga had been lying to them about YoVille not closing so Zynga could scam them out of their money. If yoVillians knew that Yoville was to be shut down, they wouldn't have spent their money. YoVillians feel scammed for their money from a big lie of Zynga. They believe that Zynga already knew that YoVille was going to be shut down but lied to the YoVille community so they could juice them out of their money.


    But then a new ray of hope came in and caused many Yovillians to spread their hope and joy across the Yovillian community.


    Recently, Big Viking Games (the original creator of Yoville), have publicly shown interest in buying Yoville back from Zynga. This tiny strand of hope spread throughout the YoVille community causing many YoVillians to wear viking helmets on their avatar to show support for Big Viking Games. Big Viking Games have been bombarded with many Yoville fans to save YoVille.


    You can find #saveyoville invading Twitter and other social media. Many fans of Yoville have created Pages and new accounts to support YoVille. The enuthusiam is overwhelming and touching.


    The people of YoVille have met many friends on the game. Some have even met their real life spouses from YoVille. YoVille is also a game for creative people who like to decorate.


    It's not just a game for some players; it's an escape from reality.


    As you can see, YoVille still has many emotional and spirited players who love this game.


    Will Big Viking Games be the one to finally swoosh in and save YoVille from all the neglect that Zynga has brought?


    We can only support Big Viking Games and stay strong if we want YoVille to stay.

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