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    Posted January 14, 2014 by

    Private lending beats Wall Street, bank CD's, bonds and money markets

    Private lenders have quietly been earning 10-20% annual returns on their investment dollars for decades. How have they been doing it? Quite simply, by acting like "private banks" for real estate entrepreneurs. Smart individuals realized a long time ago that "being the bank" is where the substantial profits are. Giving your money to the bank, is not the way to grow your wealth.
    Investment returns these days are ridiculously low. In many cases, returns are not even keeping pace with the inflation rate. If this is the case, why do investors continue to place their money in the stock market, CD's and bonds. Habit, fear and the lack of knowledge are the main reasons I believe investors miss out on the opportunity to double or triple their annual returns. While the S&P 500 have yielded approximately 7% annual returns over the past ten years, private lenders have been earning 10,15 even 20% annualized returns over the same time period.
    The amazing thing about private lending is the fact that the investment is secured by a physical asset, real estate. Compare that to your mutual funds, which have no such securitization. Better returns combined with greater security equals a SUPERIOR investment alternative.
    Investors are an intelligent group with a clear motive of profit and wealth creation. If more investors were aware of the opportunity and the advantages of becoming a private lender, many would jump on the bandwagon. Private lending has, in my opinion, one of the highest return potentials of any investment on the current landscape.

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