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    Posted January 14, 2014 by
    Wilmington, Delaware

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    Kimberly Jesika: Living Her Life Her Way, By Her Rules

    When I first talked to her I enjoyed her free spirit and open mind that she had about her craft. I can imagine that being an artist is hard work. Kimberly Jesika is one that was determined to see her dreams come true. The determination was always there but things for Kimberly just kind of fell in place. Her music has a pop flair to it with a hint of soul in my opinion. This dazzling beauty took some time out of her busy schedule to tell me about her journey.

    Her song, “ If Only You Knew” was about her being young and kept to herself in school. Listening to music such as Madonna, Pat Benatar, Michael Jackson, Duran Duran and more. Developing a likeness for someone of a different race in her school, she was teased for liking that guy. “ The guy I liked his corniness and I liked that he liked me. My song is a message to young girls for going for what they want. It’s okay to like someone who doesn’t look like you. Love may come in a way that you least expect it”, Kimberly says.

    Kimberly also has a reality show coming that’s very unique. It’s a journey of her success and she talks about her being a psychotherapist and starting her career. “ I felt that I was hiding behind my true vision”, Jesika says. Kimberly couldn’t really go into detail about her show but I will say that I look forward to seeing it on TV. She says that she will say that it’s very funny with a lot of depth.

    With success come tough critics such as family and friends being for or against what you do. This has been an ongoing topic in the media and I had to ask Kimberly, what she did when her family and friends didn’t support her movement? Kimberly states, “ I fired their ass so fast and I haven’t seem them in years.” Kimberly spoke highly about her family and friends who aren’t supportive of what she does. She states, “ Just because you use the term family doesn’t mean you are entitled to treat me any way and I’m suppose to let you get away with it.” I could definitely respect her opinion about family and friends.

    Kimberly ‘s favorite movie is The Lost Boys. She said she knew the cast and they are all the same age as she is. Living in Springfield, Mass and joining the Navy, she always wanted to live LA and it was ironic that she was stationed in California. In that moment she knew that what she was meant to do in her life would manifest and happen. “ I mastered being a psychotherapist, and learning about human behavior but I wanted to be more” Kimberly says. Although she was having a good career she wasn’t happy and wanted to get into music and acting. Since she’s now living her dream, she’s been successful and is happy with where she is in her life. Jesika’s motto is to incorporate Christ in everything that she does. I’m glad that Kimberly Jesika took the time to talk to me. We shared many laughs and had an awesome interview. I look forward to seeing more of her work.

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