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    MLM Top Recruiters, Dusty and Amanda DeVaughn Choose Paycation Travel

    Dusty and Amanda DeVaughn, one of Network Marketing's Top Recruiting Couples, joins Paycation Travel.

    Dusty and Amanda are known in the industry of Network Marketing as one of the few couples that have recruited hundreds of people and have been top recruiters in various companies.
    From their run back in Monavie in 2009, were they were top recruiters, to Visalus where they became 2 Star Ambassadors in 90 days and found their way into the top 100 on the entire company, they have now found their home with Paycation Travel.

    Since leaving Visalus in January 2013, Dusty and Amanda DeVaughn have studied and met with 38 different companies and have carefully evaluated their portfolio for their future endeavors.

    "We wanted to make sure we didn't have to rebuild all over again. And after truly understanding that everything rises and falls on leadership, we were looking for leadership first, then looking at compensation and product.”
    They say "network marketing should be treated like a business, and most people treat it like a hobby and don't use business minded principles first. You should be able to determine what will happen in a business if you are taught the right way and have those numbers accurate within a 5-10% margin of error as they learned from their mentors.
    " So after looking and looking and looking, they decided to join Paycation Travel due to the undeniable company leadership with David Manning and a product that 99.99% of the entire world use. Dusty and Amanda say "after spending a lot of time with the Director of Marketing, Donald Bradley, and the leadership team at Paycation Travel , they knew the leadership was totally impeccable and they knew if they positioned themselves inside this wonderful company that not only them, but their entire team could truly become successful!”

    They also stated, "After looking at the travel industry hard, you just can't deny the power, I mean the largest and sexiest industry on the planet generating $8 trillion annually. We have never been able to offer a product in network marketing that 99.99% of the entire world uses.

    What makes this company really special is, even if someone joins and never recruits ANYONE into Paycation Travel, they still can get the benefits of being a CERTIFIED Travel Consultant. Things like, fam trips, insider agent pricing, and special deals for travel agents can save HUGE amounts on of money for family vacations and they are not, time or date restricted like other travel clubs. Plus, they can book their friends and families vacations and earn a healthy income being a travel agent.

    Combining a top recruiting couple with the #1 INDSUTRY on the planet, I can promise you, lives will be changed, period!

    You can contact Dusty and Amanda direct to their cell phone and set up an interview with them to see if you qualify for a Paycation Travel Leadership spot in their organization. You may be one of the lucky ones chosen to be personally mentored by them. Contact them at the information below to set up your appointment.

    Dusty and Amanda DeVaughn
    334 303 8556
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