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    Choosing Alternative Cancer Treatment and Winning the Battle


    There is a lot of debate over conventional cancer treatment and whether there are convincing Alternative Cancer Treatments that have a higher success rate of treating cancers of several types.


    Alternative medicines usually do not get their due diligence until it is either too late or after the fact discoveries. The conventional wisdom is to trust your doctors and listen to licensed physicians. The truth is, we Americans live in the only country in the world that has medicine for profit. In saying that, you can challenge that statement and you should, but you’ll soon see for yourself that this is a true statement.


    At the same time, doctors in the United States are a part of the vicious circle of medicine for profit and the pharmaceutical companies play into their daily treatment options and or suggestions along with the American medical industry as a whole.


    This is not to say that every doctor is on the take, or is strictly influenced by the pharmaceutical field of medical suppliers, but which ones are and which are not? Therein lies the real question. Unfortunately, we do not have any way of knowing who to trust and who is being heavily influenced by what they recommend. In a comparison to other countries, doctors from the United States make far and above more income than any other country in the world.


    Higher health care prices in the United States are a main factor that explains why health spending is so much higher than that of other countries regardless of how much the U.S. boasts of having the best health care system. This is simply not the truth. Greed is a fact that cannot be denied.


    A perfect example of a current situation with the flu outbreak in the U.S. is the prices for the flu shot can range from free at certain health clinics, if they can get enough supply, to $60 per shot. In a family of 2 adults and 2 children that could have a huge effect on who can or cannot afford $240 for a family of 4, flu shots. Insurance variances will dictate who gets the better prices out of pocket. This is a classic medicine for profit example. If there is enough medicine to go around and you simply can’t afford it, sorry, you are subject to a life or death situation.


    Cancer is a devastating disease without a doubt, but for every conventional treatment prescribed to a patient with cancer bluntly converts to hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue for the medical industry. That is a fact that we seldom ever think about, but it is true.


    Let’s do a brief overview of medicines and their origins. Medicines are derived from plants and animals. The things that are discovered in laboratories to offset illnesses are byproducts in prescribed doses. So, how does chemo therapy and radiation work on cancer?


    Chemotherapy kills cells that are in the process of splitting into 2 new cells. This is how normal body tissues grow. But cancer cells divide much more often than normal cells. So chemotherapy kills cells that are in the process of duplicating and the process is trying to minimize the growth of a bad cell production.


    Radiation is energy that is transmitted in waves or streams of particles that attack cells. Genes are what control how our cells grow and multiply. Radiation damages the genes of a cancerous cell by damaging and preventing the cells from multiplying.


    Chemotherapy and radiation are very painful and are battling a growth curve that may or may not win out for the patient. In more cases than not, the patient does not succeed in being cancer free.


    Alternative Cancer Treatments approach this process in a totally different method. By making significant changes in your diet, you can painlessly develop a natural immunity to many diseases and these alternative treatments have a very high level of success.


    Being diagnosed with cancer is not a death wish if you can remain positive that you can make the necessary changes that are needed to overcome the disease. You have choices that very few doctors will advise you of.


    If these statements are as true as you have just read, why does the medical field not recognize and pursue the alternative methods if the results are more positive and painless?


    Did you read above that hundreds of thousands of dollars per patient is derived from a single diagnosis?


    Did you read that the United States is the ONLY country in the world that has medicine for profit? Do you believe that if you live in the United States and don’t have enough money or insurance combined that you can and will be denied treatment?


    Then, you have answered your own question of why are Alternative Cancer Medicines not pursued by the medical field.


    *The suggestions in this article are merely that, suggestions. You must make informed decisions based on all the medical options you can compile. No one source should be used to base your medical treatment options.


    Consult your most trusted physicians and ask specific questions that apply directly to your health and situation.


    Bill Henderson is a noted author and retired Air Force Colonel

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