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    9 Killer Search Engine Mistakes To Avoid


    If you are a blogger or site owner then you already know the importance of traffic. Traffic is the major thing that really matters. So if you fail to bring targeted traffic towards your blog or site you won't able to get success.


    Unfortunately, many webmasters and site owners do not understand the importance of search engine visibility, which leads to traffic. They give their most important and time for making a site or blog beautiful.I didn't say that this is bad, but it is really secondary to search engine placement. The list of common mistakes will help you a lot to generate more targeted traffic for your blog/site.


    9 Killer Search Engine Mistakes To Avoid


    Less Keyword Research.


    Mostly bloggers write their article without any proper keyword research. Do proper Keyword Research And write keyword rich articles. So you can get targeted traffic easily. Less keyword means less visibility in search result so you get less traffic.


    Repeating Keyword Again and Again.


    When you use the same keyword again and again which is also called keyword stuffing the search engine skip your site or page. Sometimes search engine downgrade that page.

    Content Stealing.


    Never do content stealing. The search engine is becoming more smarter nowadays. They can easily detect content stealing. Copy cats never get real success they caught one day. So write your own even 2 paragraphs but only unique.


    Use of Irrelevant Keywords.


    Many Bloggers use irrelevant keywords in their content. which is not related to their sites. They think this will boost and increase their search visibility. But the truth is, this technique is considered spam by the search engine and may cause the page or sometime the whole site/blog removed from the search listing by search engines.

    Hidden Keyword and Phrases.


    You think that if you can't see this, it doesn't hurt. Absolutely Wrong. Never try to hide your keywords or keyword phrases by making them invisible so they can't visible to anyone. For example some bloggers tries to hide their keyword by changing their text colour similar to background colour so they not visible. But it's only invisible for readers or visitors not for search engines.


    Tiny Text.


    Some blogger Also try to make their keyword and keyword phrases smallest by change their font size. So they can't see or difficult to see them.


    All Search Engines Are Same.


    Many bloggers thought that every search engine are same. But This is not true. Each follow their own rules and they have their own policies to rank a site. And they have rights to change their policies any time.


    Free Web Hosting.


    Never use free hosting if you are really serious about your blogging career and increasing blog traffic through search engines. Many times the search engines will remove content and data from these free hosting sites.


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    Missing Page Elements.


    Surely check your web pages in your website for completeness, like missing tags, missing link, broken links, error, graphics etc. There are many sites which gives you complete report about your site for free.


    This is just few and major thing you should avoid. If you don't avoid these mistakes one day your site banned by search engines forever. Learn proper techniques for search engine visibility and they will increase your blog traffic. Never use tricks only use proper methods and techniques.

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