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    Posted January 16, 2014 by
    Fraser, Michigan
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    Fraser Rams Horn, Contaminated Food

    Fraser Rams Horn, Contaminated Food, January 16, 2014.

    A few weeks ago I went to the Rams Horn in Fraser Michigan and a waitress named Sam was coughing like she had the whoofing cough. I mention it to her Saturday morning and then I returned to the restaurant Sunday morning and she had the same cough. I thought it might be contagious and suggested she Google “whoofing cough” on the Internet. She said she did not want to know if it was contagious or not and had no concern for the customers or the children she was serving. Sunday evening I fired of an e-mail to the Board of Health. I told them I went in there Saturday morning and heard her cough and then returned Sunday morning and she had the same cough. Sam’s brother had mentioned the Rams Horn sometimes make the workers work double shifts. I thought this was slave labor, Sam can’t be much older than 19.

    The Board of Health sent a message to John Mulcahy@macombgov.org, the man who is responsible for the environmental health in this area. John had called me up and said he would look into the Rams Horn having workers who were sick and coughing into customers food. The following Wednesday I returned to Rams Horn and Sam was not working, but the meal that I ordered had been tampered with. The eggs tasted nasty, the toast tasted so nasty I had to spit it out and the pancakes tasted the same. I complained about the food and Dominic said she would not charge me for the food. I should have paid for it and got a receipt and took the meal to have it analyzed, because I knew was contaminated on purpose, Because they knew I was the guy who contacted the Board of Health about Sam’s coughing.

    I sent an e-mail off to Rams Horn’s corporate office and explained my situation. I said I would not make a YouTube video until I got their response. John Mulcahy from environmental health said I had a problem I could e-mail him. I sent him an e-mail also. I’ve got a new phone number and have it for over a year and no one has ever called my number until I made the complaint with the health department. Every morning since then, I get a call from the phone company that said I ordered Uverse Internet access, which I did not order. I literally had to call the corporate office for Ameritech to tell them I did not order Uverse Internet access.

    Someone at the health department must have used my number to order uverse Internet access. This is the kind of harassment and childhood games they play if someone makes a complaint to the health department. It’s almost hilarious, but it gives Al Qaeda terrorist a clue to how to overthrow America. People with contagious diseases can work at a restaurant and no one can complain, because the system protects businesses, rather than the people.

    So last Wednesday I had contaminated food and I returned to the restaurant Friday and only ordered coffee. Sam’s brother was also a server at the Rams Horn served me a cup of coffee that was absolutely nasty tasting. I asked for a fresh pot of coffee and he brewed another pot and I heard him say to his sister Sam, that he used a special coffee for problem customers. This cup of coffee was just as bad as the first. But I paid my bill and left the Rams Horn without saying a word.

    Now today is Wednesday and I returned to the Rams Horn. I was only going to go into it to ask is to use the bathroom. When I went inside Dominic told me that I was not allowed in the restaurant because she claimed I was harassing a fellow employee and if I did not leave she would call the police. I should have said, “go ahead and call the police, I need to use the restroom” just so I could have a police report to file a lawsuit against them. They had tampered with my food and this is a 10 year felony. Though difficult to prove, the Rams Horn is not going to change their policy about sick workers, overworked workers or food tampering. So it’s going to be easily to catch them doing it again.

    If you go to the Rams Horn and any worker is coughing, put in a complaint to the Board of Health and returned to the restaurant to order a meal. When you pay for the meal, get a receipt and take the contaminated food to have it analyzed. The Rams Horn has security cameras, so it would have been easy for them to catch someone contaminating my food. They had no interest in doing so. I hope the Rams Horn watches this video and tries to file lawsuit against me. It’s the only way I’m going to get them in court.

    If you go to the Rams Horn you are supporting slave labor. I believe we should all be walking around naked eating fruit off of trees, as this is God’s kingdom. But there might be a compromise between God’s Kingdom and Satan’s kingdom. Satan wants his workers to work 20 hours a day and God says they shouldn’t work at all. But what we should strive for is the eight hour workday. Any restaurant who works their workers more than eight hours a day, should not get your business for two reasons. If they work 16 hours a day they are costing other Americans jobs. They could have hired two workers, but they wanted to save a few pennies by making one worker work twice as many hours, giving their customers not only lousy service, but sick workers who could make them sick.

    I think everyone who believes in God should boycott the Rams Horn, and no matter what State they live in. Because the Rams Horn corporate office had absolutely no concern about sick workers, coughing in the customers food or overworking their workers.

    My idea of a restaurant is not only have a sign on the door that says no guns allowed, but a sign that says we don’t work our workers more than eight hours a day. We are not slave masters like other restaurants. I think that restaurant will do more business than any other restaurant. And we should do all we can to put restaurants out of business who see nothing wrong with slave labor of working their workers more than eight hours a day, even when they’re sick risking the health of our children.

    We can see the fall of the United States, when someone reports to the health department a sick worker and the policy of restaurants is to contaminate the food of the person who reported them to the health department. I think Sam should have thanked me for giving her a few days off work by complaining to the health department. They gave her three days off work, but when she returned to work that Friday I still heard her cough. It’s unbelievable.

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