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    cambridge, Massachusetts
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    Illustrated Angora Rabbit Story or Fibromiyalgia explained or Anthropologie still sells angora products.


    Can this be true? The little rabbit who is one of the universal darlings, whos images we see on Easter' cards, books, on kids' pajamas and every so ever sentimentale .... I feel seek to learn that we allow to torture fuzzy paws in order to make our sweaters fuzzy. I feel seek that i too belong to humanity. I am repulsed by people in power who can sleep knowing they didn't move a finger to stop this. I want to scream : 'I am so sorry ' to all those 50 millions of rabbits who had and still have to go through the pain most people don't know exist. I am so sorry your little fuzzy paws are covered in your own blood, sweat, excrement from living in a filthy, isolated cages. Isolated, deprived of even a company of another animal on whom you could lean afterwords. I not only wish, but i know - those who done/do/will be doing this - no matter how good of a christian/person/father/mother is - will end up going through the same experience in this life or another, in this dimension or another and every broken little vessel on the screaming lung will be paid by those who do this. thank you for listening. Please google youtube on 'Peta Angor rabbit' for more information/documentarty done by Peta's undercover investigator. Please, do consider saving just one little fuzzy paw. It could be your very own pet right there behind that cage's door you Can open. Stop that hand. You are not that meek. And it is not that hard. You might feel much better if you put that sweater back on the shalf or even better cut it in peaces and send it to thow assholes who profit from the pain of little, voiceles creatures who depend on us, on you, on me. Until we do this, Until You find excusess not to help, there is going to be a lot of unexplained pain we go through, including Fabromiyalgia, Depression and so on.

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