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    Bitcoin and Digital Philanthropy?

    The Quantum Leap Foundation Inc. is a non-profit, educational organization legally incorporated in the state of Georgia. The organization was founded on the idea of "Digital Philanthropy" and as a foundation to build an entirely new concept and idea upon. In the last few years, the Internet and social media have organized humanity on a level that never before seemed possible. We are now utilizing the digital world to directly impact and affect the physical world around us. We literally depend on technology for progression and human growth, as well as a means of convenience and social interaction.
    With exponential times and humanity progressing at such an incredible rate, we believe a gap has formed that has lead to several of the worldwide issues we are currently facing. The simple answer to why the world is the way it is today; lack of knowledge and loss of hope. QLF Inc. is here to fill that gap, and make the quantum leap into the now that is now more necessary than ever. It is always much harder to build a future when one is clinging to the past, and the gap that has formed is literally millions of individuals waiting to get educated and inspired. They are not living in the now. This may be because we should all be ashamed of the now; considering how far we have let things get out of control without making a change or organizing together to make a difference.
    New educational institutions must be built with sociocultural and economic progression as the number one reason and motive, and not for personal profit or financial gain. Businesses should first focus on their responsibility in helping impact, guide, and change the world, while profiting and succeeding alongside as a direct result. Small and large businesses can establish great reputations, and in today’s times, people are likely to trust and follow the example of a business they trust. Statistically, people trust people like themselves over anyone or anything else, especially the torn reputation of the US government current monetary policy.
    QLF Inc. believes in organized effort and in taking responsibility for the current world issues which until now, seemed so unrealistic to resolve. Small businesses and individuals must work together, alongside of their governments and large corporations, to innovate and implement solutions that create and maintain results. The main reason small businesses succeed is through reputation, and the trust and relationship its customers develop within the business are what establishes that reputation. The government and political parties have damaged their reputation and lost the public’s trust in the recent financial, political, and privacy crisis’. It is the responsibility of the people to act alongside and offer assistance to its government, so that its reputation and faith may be restored, and the current issues may be resolved.
    Digital Philanthropy is taking the idea of people and government working together, and making it a reality. When the people and the government begin to work together, they become one, and a decentralized government is created. The people shouldn’t be against the government; instead they should help the government! Believe it or not, even with all of the differences between people in this world, we are still all in this together, and we will remain all in this together.
    Digital Philanthropy innovates current technologies and opportunities, creating ways to help individuals benefit and impact the world right now! Digital Philanthropy allows anyone with Internet access to help make a difference. This idea previously seemed impossible and unrealistic, but has recently become one of the greatest realities.
    Digital currency, Peer-to-Peer networks, Micropayments and Crowdfunding all give the ability for each person to individually help the world, by innovating philanthropy with current technologies and ideas. When millions of individuals all work independently to help the world, it creates a massive organized effort that will always result in exponential growth and progress.
    If Peer-to-Peer voting can be implemented, it will generate millions of new voters, especially the younger more tech-savvy community. This type of voting would be completely transparent, and could be publicly recorded so people may see exactly where each vote went instantaneously, instead of waiting for the news to report, or fearing that your vote somehow was lost or unaccounted for.
    A digital, globally exchangeable, decentralized money system seems almost crucial for true freedom and equality to exist between nations. History teaches that governments and controlling monetary policy do not mix well with each other, as we are reminded of this every day via media and current world events. If there were no longer a need for government to control money, because a new technology gave people the ability to be their own banks, anyone with common sense would see the advantages and opportunities such a technology would offer! This technology not only exists, but it is the solution for the billions of people worldwide who are unbanked or who will never even have access to a banking system.
    Which would be easier to make happen? The undeveloped African countries obtain smartphones with Internet access, which get less and less expensive every few months, and are currently being utilized by developing countries; The undeveloped countries decide to organize, get the funding for a bank, get all of the systems in place, train people to run it, and continuously check to make sure no corruption has occurred. Smartphones are crucial in the development of countries because they help create organized effort, and can access the Internet with all of its opportunities.
    Crowdfunding and Micropayments are precious gifts digital currency brings to humanity. The next time a catastrophe occurs, such as an event like Hurricane Katrina, everyone with bitcoin will be able to donate any amount of money, instantly and securely to that certain cause or event. This could potentially raise millions of dollars, while costing the participants anywhere from a fraction of a penny to 100 million dollars. They may donate whatever they wish.
    The Bitcoin Protocol gives people the ability to be their own bank, without needing third party or government involvement. It is much more secure, convenient, and it is math based, meaning it is mathematically designed and cannot be altered, manipulated, or controlled by any one individual or group of individuals.
    This incredible and intriguing technology is digital currency, with the first and most well known digital currency being Bitcoin. The fundamentals of digital currency and the bitcoin protocol are the very same attributes that make digital philanthropy a reality. With bitcoin, there are more than a few advantages over other fiat currencies and payment networks.
    • Micropayments: Being able to donate a fraction of a penny to anyone, anywhere, anytime, instantly and securely, and at no cost is one of the greatest privileges and opportunities bitcoin and digital currency make a reality. This also eliminates the $5 minimum payment required messages you sometimes come across.
    • No Fees: Practically 0% transaction fees. Fees aren’t necessary because there are no banks involved.
    • Secure – Cryptography and Encryption make bitcoin mathematically impossible to manipulate or hack. Anonymity is created because no credit card or personal information is necessary to conduct a transaction in bitcoin. The only thing viewed or necessary is the public key.
    • Trust – The bitcoin public ledger records every transaction that has ever occurred in the bitcoin network, and each transaction can be tracked on the blockchain. It is only possible to “push” funds in bitcoin, meaning there is no way to reverse a transaction once you agree to send it, eliminating the possibility of chargebacks.
    • Global Currency: Bitcoin is the first and only globally exc
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