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    Here we go again! The Oscar nominations are out and very admirable performances have been recognized to compete for Hollywood's highest accolade.
    But enough is never enough for some people. Diversity has again been the hot topic and/or "snubs" are being announced.
    Do people understand that there are limited amounts of people that can be nominated for these awards. Several years ago, they changed the number of movies recognized from 5 to 10, still the complaints continue that certain movies weren't recognized. In my opinion, that occurrence seemed to dilute the importance of the nomination.
    Since we can no longer reach consensus in this country on just about anything, may I suggest changing the Academy Awards to
    Lead Actor - White male over 50
    Lead Actor - White male 18 to 50
    Lead Actor - Black male over 50
    Lead Actor - Black male 18 to 50
    Lead Actor - Asian male over 50
    Lead Actor - Asian male 18 to 50
    Lead Actor - Gay/Transgender male over 50
    Lead Actor - Gay/Transgender male 18 to 50
    And on and on and on, ad naseum for all categories. No one would be slighted, everyone would have a role model to relate to, everyone would be included.

    Or, we could simply tell the Academy, what a great job everyone did and give every actor/actress that belongs to the Academy a little Oscar "trophy" , just like they do in T-Ball Baseball teams where the children are about 5 years old.
    Let's get real folks, the Oscars are something I grew up on and have enjoyed because they are fun, glitzy, and that little girl in me always dreamed of accepting the award!. We're ruining all of the long time "institutions" due to imagined bias, snubs, slights.
    Are the Oscars a piece of fluff? ABSOLUTELY!
    Will the Oscars solve world peace? ABSLUTELY NOT!
    But, they are a diversion from this cold, dark world we've been living in lately that's been filled with dislike of everything and anything we don't agree with.
    In the words of Rodney King, "Can't we just get along?"
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