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    Posted January 16, 2014 by
    Mundelein, Illinois
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    Who needs clean air? Not aliens.


    http://www.ucartoonit.com – During the first half of the 113th Congress, the House voted 20 times to weaken the Clean Air Act. Voted 20 times to create acts to block or hinder federal efforts to curb carbon pollution. Voted 51 times to protect the interests of the oil and gas industry at the expense of the environment and human health. Voted 27 times to slash funding for clean energy and energy efficiency and to block implementation of policies to cut energy use and switch to cleaner energy sources.


    And back in the 112th Congress, voted to pass the Gasoline Regulations Act of 2012. That would gut the Clean Air Act of regulations that enforce air pollutant removal in gasoline that cost oil companies money. And get the price of gas at the pump reduced.


    With legislation like this they can no longer hide the fact. They're from a planet where they breathe toxic air and they want to foul all of our air so they can survive as the ruling party.


    Apparently they had a catastrophic round of global tornadoes on their planet which swept away all the toxic air, so they were choking on clean air and couldn't pollute fast enough to fix their air.


    It's quite understandable that their astronauts discovered pockets of the right level of toxic air on earth for them to breathe – especially where these House members are in charge. So they have been migrating here because they knew they would fit right in and getting our air to their levels looked highly doable. The problem for us is they've modified their appearance to look just like House members, so it's hard to spot them until they start voting to curb pollution standards.


    I'm sure, after comparing their votes on legislation, you will not find all of this too incredible to believe. Think about it. This alien thing makes a lot of sense. What earthling would threaten his own life or his kids' lives for a little lower gas prices? The aliens have it all figured out. Create legislation that promises lower gas prices. Everybody loves lower gas prices, right? That's something you can see and feel in your pocketbook right now, not years later with you and your kids' bad health and big health costs. It has never failed, the cheaper the gas, the more driving. The more pollution exhausted. The more breathable air for aliens.

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