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    1. How close is Serbia to the EU?

    The Republic of Serbia has made significant progress in this area and is investing large and intense efforts - 2013 was a historic year in Serbia's path towards the EU. A positive conclusion of the report of the European Commission , which was presented to the European Parliament is great encouragement to continue the reforms that lie ahead Serbian judiciary, public administration , media freedom , anti-discrimination and protection of minorities and to strengthen political stability in Kosovo . Relations with Kosovo gave specific and numerous positive effects on the field , which indicates that the Brussels agreement and key agreements with the European Union are met and sustained.Also one of the biggest challenges for Serbia is to improve the business environment and create a healthy investment climate , which are in the visible efforts of the Government of the Republic of Serbia , led by Prime Minister Ivica Dacic. After all , Serbia is a European country, not only by territorial affiliation but also aby the civilizational, cultural and religious values.

    2. The fight against corruption as a genuine fight against crime in Serbia or a fight for a better position in the next election ?

    The fight against corruption and organized crime is not just a foreign policy priority factor for positioning and proactive approach to the investigation in the case of every individual or even the highest state bodies and institutions , in order to develop awareness of the people to combat corruption and crime. There have been a number of investigations launched, and also is of great importance the cooperation with the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia . Of course that this fight of Republic Serbia against crime is honest, because the representatives of all international organizations honored the Government of the Republic of Serbia for declared war on organized crime and corruption . The method of leading this war was defined by the Action Plan for the National Strategy for the Fight against Corruption . Of course , our people recognized leader in this efforts against crime and the elections in2012 showed a lot of confidence in Prime minister Ivica Dacic, earned through dedicated and responsible work of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the previous term . Economic growth and development is a priority task of the Government of the Republic of Serbia and is one of the mechanisms to combat these evils of human society and it is a fact that has a positive effect in combating corruption and crime . I believe that no sincere struggle for the economic development of the Republic of Serbia would be possible without genuine fight against crime and corruption in Serbia , and so far the Government of the Republic of Serbia has shown absolute commitment to the implementation of the program as defined in the speech of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia.

    3. Does Serbia today has a true Government, since all parties participate at some level of govern process ?

    Considering the results of the Government of the Republic of Serbia for less than a year of work , these have been pursued since 2000., but no government before this achieved these results . The resulting date to start accession negotiations with the European Union and a separate sector of activity in the field of European integration , which are now lead by Minister Branko Ruzic is the evidence that this is the right Government for the Republic of Serbia. Of course you can say that all parties in the Republic of Serbia are at some level of government. We are a democratic country . There is no law that can restrict to only those political parties in power at the Republic level can participate in governance at the local level , and that the power of the state and local level must be the same , it depends solely on the will of the people .

    4. How much , in your opinion, are people of Serbia interested in politics and how much in some ordinary, everyday things ?

    I think that is the time when everyone wanted to know about the current political situation has passed. People today feel and suffer the consequences of the economic crisis, so it is logical that they are interested in the way to get out of the crisis . Some people make their way through political action or interest in the political scene of Serbia , while some simply look their way through solving ordinary problems of life . But the purpose and goal of all people is the same, which is to achieve a better life for themselves and their families .

    5. European values - a condition for joining the European Union or the European values as the engine of reforms in Serbia?

    I think these are causal factors . If there are no European values woven-in through consciousness and way of life of our people , of course there will be no reforms of Serbia . But if you inherit these values, they themselves create reforms in relation to the current situation, in a number of different areas , then the progress is visible and viable , and its a real reason for joining the EU .

    6. What projects are available to young people in Serbia?

    Young people in Serbia have a large capacity and potential , which is part of the formation of a large number of Youth Offices and Youth Councils at the local level and the National Youth Association at the national level . Through the involvement of all these bodies, a large number of projects have been launched for the young and hard working people and many of them are establishing good relations with the officials of international youth organizations , financed from European funds. Young people in Serbia participate in a number of projects based on the education and further training , promotion and preservation of the environment and to create better conditions for life and work in their communities .

    7. How close is cooperation between Serbia and the United States ?

    As a member of the Parliamentary Friendship Group with the U.S. i am very honored to participate in the continuous improvement of mutual cooperation . The Republic of Serbia achieved a complet change of business and investment climate, and has managed to attract a large number of countries with which we build friendly relations , as is the case with the United States . USA recognized work of the Government of the Republic of Serbia and its success in the past, and many investors are willing to be in the country that offers this kind of investment benefits. We are raising the level of cooperation , both in the political realm as well as the economic , commercial, cultural and scientific .

    8. What is your main motivation for participating in politics?

    Like all young people, im trying to make a better life not only for me but all my fellow citizens . It is necessary to make great efforts to ensure that future generations have a secure , stable and wealthy country in every sense of the word. My basic motive to participate in politics is to give contribution in building a sufficiently strong social system that will help us to create new, healthy generation and give them numerous opportunities for quality life in contemporary and modern state.

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