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    Posted January 17, 2014 by
    karachi, Pakistan

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    Do our country needs more Aitzaz Ahsan or will there be a stop to this mayhem?


    Pakistan was taken over by an incident that made the whole world stunned. A bomb blast in northwestern Pakistan was stopped by a ninth grader, 15 year old boy. Taliban attacks are daily routine in Pakistan and especially people living in northwestern areas are now pretty much accustomed to such mayhems on the name of sects and religion. For them killings and dead bodies are part of life; a life that is not free and is surrounded by the shackles of sectarian violence and bloodshed.

    This incident took place when, Aitzaz Hasan, an innocent ninth grader was rushing to school to take part in the morning assemble when he was confronted with a strange who asked him and his two accompanied friends regarding his school whereabouts. Suspicious by the behavior of the man, Aitzaz sensed something wrong and so to put his faith into test he started to stop the person. In his attempt to stop the man from going to school, he made the attacker blow the bomb, taking himself and the innocent Aitzaz down in no time.
    Many Pakistanis are taken over deeply with what they have witnessed or heard and in an agony that has already taken the whole country in its grip; people can only speculate the extent to which adversity can affect our country’s conditions. It’s an irony to see that a county that was created on the name of religion has turned into a nation outpouring grief on sectarian violence almost every day.

    This time the wound is deeper but Pakistan being a strong nation; a nation that has almost lost the sense of being safe and civilized, will take only few days to recover as they did in the case of Malala Yosufzai. Malala suffered a similar blow and share almost the same story, the only difference being that despite off her being shot in head she survived and is now a world celebrity.

    According to the sources, suicide bomber target was the Government Boys School, almost 1000 students study there. This means that brave Aitzaz saved lives of about 1000 students and sacrificed his own. A true martyr and a brave being, Aitzaz is being considered for the award of honor by the Government of Pakistan. It may sound very nice and may be appreciated on the international levels but my question to our government is, do our nation need to come up with more Aitzaz and Malala ? Or they will be a time when we, like other nations of world will live a fearless and safe life? Will that time ever come when we will hear no suicide bombings and when no innocent has to give up his her life to save that of his fellow being?

    Pakistan is suffering from such serious conditions and it is a responsibility of our Government to make sure that every citizen is safe and secure in this country. Let’s hope and wait for the day when our country will be seen as a miracle by the rest of world, which has survived even the darkest of times and emerged a successful and strong nation.


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