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    With JayZoMon Production in Place is David K. Montoya set for a huge comeback in 2014.


    It has almost been a year since I did an article about David K. Montoya and the collapse of the company he built from the ground up. In fact, if truth be told, I forgot about the pen name account I wrote it under. I was impressed with the feedback I received, and the shares on Facebook I found when the article first came out.

    But like I said that was almost a year ago. I have sat back and watched (or listened as the case may be), over the past twelve months. Although I stand by my article I did about Montoya and MythWurks, I will admit that I overlooked something.

    While Montoya has a reputation about calming he does not know what he's doing in the land of business and corporation, truth be told, he knows exactly what he is doing.

    I wonder if he saw the coming doom in the publishing market? With people turning to self publishing with companies like Outskirts Press, Xulon Press and Author House there is little or no need for a traditional publisher; especially an independent traditional publisher like Montoya's MythWurks.

    I find it interesting that Montoya (although he said he would never do it again), published a book through one of his brands called, “G.is.G publications” which was by all standard a commercial failure according to a circulations firm here in Florida.

    Also I have learned that he was the Book Producer for Zombie Works Publications; I am curious if he does this to keep his finger on the pulse of the industry.

    But just because he wasn't publishing books does not mean the man was not busy. Quite the contrary actually. I mentioned the JayZoMon Productions toward the bottom of my previous article, I did this because I was confident that it would go no where since the company was centered around what Montoya wanted to do, and not what was best for the company.

    In other words, I thought it was not going to last more than a few months. I am man enough to say when I made a mistake and was wrong, and I was wrong about JayZoMon Productions. While it does not seem like anything special from the outside, it is what is on the inside that matters.

    In a recent podcast, Montoya explained that JayZoMon Productions is named after his two kids, Jayden and Zoey Montoya, hence Jay—Zo—Mon, originally David K. Montoya left his thriving MythWurks Corporation to start JayZoMon in 2012. Montoya decided that JayZoMon Publications would be what was needed to start the motor for his new endeavor. He released estories that were (and still are) free for anyone to read which was September, 2012, the following month a short story called, Sleepy Hallow was released.

    But it would be the following month that would get JayZoMon's corporate motor running. On the front page of JayZoMon.com there were now two choices to pick from, JayZoMon Publications and this thing called JayZoModcast.

    It would take sometime before it was running on all cylinders. The first couple of months they offered four programs to listen to (again for free). Those shows were, Sibling Rivalry (which would later be re-branded as See Red), with Montoya and his Chief Creative officer and her boyfriend. When in Burbank with Montoya and S. Sadie Burbank who is the financier of this endeavor she mentions it at least once a month (also she is in my opinion is the best speaker of the whole bunch, but I'll get back to her in a minute). Then Montoya did a program called Who's the Boss which I always found funny because he'd talk about the glory days of the company he had ditched to make this new on and then there was Saturday Segment.

    But it would not be until January of 2013 that I felt the JayZoModcast would start getting on the right track, when Montoya's right hand man Terry D. Scheerer came aboard the crew with two shows of his own. I was familiar with Scheerer and his work on Horrotica Magazine. I had always wondered if the persona in the page of the magazine was one set in fantasy or real life.

    I was pleased to learn that Scheerer was indeed as dark of a person in real life as he in Horrotica. I really got caught up in his shows, he even brought his Reaper Rick persona with him to do his own podcast called News, Views and Reviews.

    Over the coming months people would come and go, but the center unit of JayZoModcast remained. One of my favorites was What We Think which was a spinoff of When in Burbank, where Montoya would rant about celebrities and the idiotic things they would do and Burbank would play devil's advocate and attempt to justify what the celebrity had done.

    While in recent months the program has taken a turn where the two talk about one topic, I find it humorous how her (Burbank) and Montoya try to position them selves to get a word in edgewise. Like I mentioned earlier, I think Burbank is the best speaker of the entire JayZoModcast crew and I think she should ditch the people she records with (Montoya in What We Think and Lacie Montoya in Don't Get Us Started) and do a show by yourself. Answer questions from the listeners that way you do not have to be stopped by your co-host with their two seconds of thought and go straight through, with no interruptions.

    During the later months I noticed a way to download the podcast from the iTunes store and then a way to listen it their programs on smart phones with a partnership with Stitcher Radio On-Demand and being offered through other podcast providers. They were slowly growing and the content was becoming better, we all can see that JayZoMon Productions is almost where it should be.

    With their one year anniversary behind them, and the announcement made on their podcast about a forthcoming animated movie, a live action film and JayZoMon Publications is gearing up to release their first paperback which is an autobiography about Montoya's life and all the while the JayZoModcast will continue to release podcasts six days a week.

    It was during a recent episode of Seeing R.E.D. that co-host Eron Ilich said something that caught my attention, he said, “You've made more money in one year doing this [here at JayZoMon], then you have with the other company [MythWurks Corporation].”


    If this is in fact what David K. Montoya had planned from the get go, and saw that JayZoMon Productions and JayZoModcast would be financially more profitable than MythWurks Corporation, perhaps Montoya will be considered the biggest comeback in 2014.

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