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    Fast Rising Motivational Rock Star Justinah McFadden - First Interview


    Brooklyn New York born Justinah McFadden, motivational speaker and author, takes time out to share her story in her first publicized interview.


    McFadden had a long layover in Atlanta, stopping there for prep work on an upcoming tour, and was interviewed by a member of her publicity team.


    Starting at the age of 8, Justinah McFadden, living in what she calls a trying childhood, she knew at that early age that she wanted to write. Her book of poetry “Dreaming On The Moon,” reads like the work of a much more mature 8 year old then one would expect. However, coming through the experiences of near poverty and the environment of Bedford Stuyvesant in the 80s tends to leave this type of impact on the minds of both young and old.


    In her motivational book, “Life Is A Lobster”, McFadden shares deeper insights into her past which includes her career as a police officer with the NYPD, and then moving fully into her passion for writing and speaking by penning several books, now totaling 8. The bright lights show up in her eyes when she talks about her motivational Lobster series that was born with the first book of the series, Life Is A Lobster.


    McFadden's career as a police officer provided many experiences and yielded hundreds of arrests. She talks about the life lessons that this experience provided. "Although their crimes were a varied group of felonies, from battery to assaults and drugs and dozens in between, all of the perpetrators had one thing in common. They had absolutely no idea of their purpose. And this vital thread of life is missing from many people these days, but in the case of criminals, it led me to an important understanding, one that motivated me to find my own purpose and commit to it. Without connecting to our purpose, that is to say, our reason for being here on earth, we tend to live lives filled with doubt and desperation."


    On that point, I would like to move right into our discussion, by asking you some questions. During our staff meeting last month, my social media team generated some questions they felt your readers and fans would ask. They also were curious and wanted to know more about you and what helps you stay so positive, especially after surviving a very challenging life.


    Sable Combs, our senior social media manager begins the interview...


    Sable: When did you first decide to be a writer?

    Justinah: When I was eight years old I stumbled upon this dream of becoming a writer. I knew right then that I was born to write, and tell my story through books and speaking to groups. And I believed that my words and thoughts would heal and help millions. I have been writing for my entire life.


    Sable: How old were you when you wrote your first book?


    Justinah: I was 23 years old when I wrote my first book, and I was 23 when I published my first work. This was a book of poetry about changing my mindset in order to change the way I viewed life at that time.


    Sable: Have you been challenged by people who don’t understand your message?


    Justinah: That is a great question, and while I rarely run into this situation there are times when some may not understand they were born to win and live out their purpose. In that instance I focus on my message and if I can reach a single person in the audience then I have made a breakthrough for that person in a great way. That one person will tell someone else and the next thing you know you have a group of people on a mission to find their life's purpose. Is that not magical?


    Sable: If unusual circumstances occurred that required that you had to start over from the beginning working toward your mission, what changes would you make?


    Justinah: Again, another awesome question. I would not change anything because it has made me the woman I am today. I have been in some pretty dark places and I realize that by going through darkness you’ll eventually arrive at a brighter light at the end of the tunnel. If I had never walked through the darkness of my childhood, then I would have never known the importance of holding on to hope. Had I not experienced loss in my life I would have never learned the importance of humility and gratitude.


    My point is that it all had to happen so that I could be here with you to share my journey. A person cannot have a great testimony without experiencing a challenging test. I am a living witness to this fact having been through a variety of tests. And the lessons are still teaching me valuable things that I share with my readers and audiences at every opportunity.


    Sable: Based on one of your books in particular, have you ever thought of being a screenplay writer?


    Justinah: Great question, it is more than a thought, and it is actually something that is happening. I am in the process of writing my first television pilot for a series that I hope to pitch to FOX, ABC and other networks as well. It is still in the making and therefore I cannot expand too much on it. My sixth book, The Thirteenth Day has the potential to be a major motion picture in the future. It is an amazing story and I cannot wait until the entire world knows about this incredible piece of history.


    Sable: If it was possible to describe one single factor that drives you to keep going, even when the going gets tough and your goals feel like they’re in a holding pattern, what would it be?


    Justinah: Again, it is purpose. My purpose on earth keeps me going strong and allows me to know that the tough seasons will pass. I also have a strong faith in God and a great support system that really helps get me through difficult seasons.


    I have been through some truly low places, child abuse, domestic violence, homelessness, bankruptcy and yet, through all the darker seasons, I learned that you cannot trust what the circumstance looks like, you have to trust God. Purpose has allowed me to walk through many dark places, but because I was brave enough to walk I was able to see the light.


    Sable: If there was one single message that you could share in closing that would help someone suffering from failure after failure and who has lost hope for a positive future, experience a positive breakthrough in their life starting today, what would it be?


    Justinah: You are bigger than your failure; you are bigger than what happened to you. Everything that has happened to this point was to prod you so that God can guide you through the pain and use it to show the world that we are all overcomers in Him. Life will claw at you, but do not allow yourself to be clawed. This is actually the focus in my next book, showing readers how to turn failure and tragedy into a starting point for success in their lives


    Sable: Justinah, thank you for taking the time to sit with us today and share more details about your mission.


    Justinah: It has been a pleasure to speak with you, thank you for the invitation.

    For more details about Justinah McFadden, motivational speaker and author, visit her website at:


    MEDIA CONTACT: Alex Rich, Publicist,  alex@brandmanagementassociates.com

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