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    Posted January 17, 2014 by

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    Every Little Girl Wants A Horse!


    Every Little Girl Wants A Horse!


    It's universal. Every little girl wants a horse.


    But older women tell me it the desire never goes away. We've found that a large number of 30, 40 and 50 year old women are now just starting to get into horse riding or are getting back into riding.


    Why Now At A Later Age?


    Let me tell you how we encountered this. We publish a very popular book for new riders titled Horseback Riding: The Complete Beginner's Guide. We've been writing horse training and horseback riding instructional materials for years. Between our nearly 3 dozen DVD titles and a dozen books on horse riding and training, we noticed our customer base was increasing with age.


    Since we publish free email horse training tips multiple times a week for our "horse tips magazine", we get a lot of interaction with the thousands of readers we serve. And here's the results from what we found.


    The most common reason was stage of life followed by finances.


    While it's true, every LITTLE girl wants a horse, few actually get one. But the dream never goes away. It's a common desire and is rekindled many times when they see horses and other riders throughout their life.


    And here's where the transition takes place. After college, after getting married, after kids and family responsibilities, the 30 - 50 years-olds are finally in a position to have both the time and money to do something about it. So they jump in with both feet. And many get hurt in the process.


    We can't tell you how many dozen letters we've received over the years of the new horse riders who start riding but either don't have the skills or have a horse that isn't fit to ride. Hence, they get thrown, stepped on, squeezed in stalls, and generally pushed around by a disrespectful horse. Many get broken bones or worse.


    Almost all of the disasters could have been prevented had they just started their new passion on the right foot. And that's why we now sell so many DVDs and books that help the new horse owner to ride and train their horses.


    Join The Thousands Of Others!


    Stop by http://HorseTrainingResources.com and get the rest of the story. There's lots to learn and do before you can ride safely. Please don't take risks that could leave you broken or paralyzed.


    Horse riding is fun and very fulfilling. And we want you to enjoy it all. But please, do it all safely!

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