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    The Importance of Monitoring Diabetes Mellitus Blood Glucose Levels


    Diabetes mellitus blood glucose levels are persistently higher than most commonly found in a normal population. Having an abnormally high sugar level can be very damaging to the human body over time and can affect other health issues that are commonly associated with many diabetic individuals. It is important to understand the various factors that determine these levels.



    For the most part, having a normal sugar level is generally considered to be less than 100 mg/dL after a period of fasting. In most cases, this would be a period of at least eight hours or more. Approximately two hours after having a meal, a normal reading could be expected to be around the 140 mg/dL range.


    A particular individual's glucose will typically be at the lowest point just before eating a meal. For some people it can be as low as 60 and perhaps 90 for other people. Once again, anything that is measured under 100 would be considered as normal and acceptable. Anything in the area of 200 would be deemed as extremely excessive and should have immediate attention.


    Being on the lower end rarely causes health issues, but higher numbers are critical. Having an imbalance in the blood can result in a number of serious and chronic health issues. For example, increased risk of cardiovascular disease, including heart attacks and strokes, is most definitely evident among diabetic patients.


    Having abnormal imbalances can have enormous detrimental health effects. These can range from insomnia, weight control issues and chronic fatigue to potentially life threatening disorders. Diabetics are often troubled by excessive circulatory, digestive system and muscular problems; and millions go undiagnosed and without receiving the proper care either due to lack of health insurance or information or both. The Obama-Care is encouraging insured and noninsured to include a diabetic supplier for their supplies, as many are not able to drive, take public transportation or have access to hired drivers. Diabetes suppliers are often more able and capable to delivery your supplies fast than most large drug stores and corner pharmacies.


    Fortunately, various combinations of medication, diet and exercise control diabetes mellitus blood glucose levels can in most cases. Once developed, the disease will rarely go into remission. However, it is entirely possible to control progression and prevent complications that could possibly come about, with proper attention on a routine basis.



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