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    Posted January 17, 2014 by
    Wilmington, Delaware
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    Let Fathers Be Fathers

    There have been so many people who are giving their opinion about the gay couple Kordale and Kalob. Sure, many may not be openly receptive to gay men or the LGBT community but does it mean to disrespect them? I understand what the bible says about Adam and Eve, but God also speaks about love. Based on this picture and all of the others that they have on their media sites, love is shown all through their family. There is no ideal family. In my opinion a family consists of being in a structured, stable, loving environment where children are properly care for. There are a lot of lesbian women who raise their children but are not condemned for it through the media. To name a few Rosie O’Donnell and Chef Cat Cora are both lesbian women with children.

    The one photo that has instagram and the media going crazy is a picture of the fathers in a mirror. One is doing his daughter’s hair while the other is taking a picture with their other daughter. Granted I know that everyone is entitled to their own opinion but this family especially the father’s seem to be doing a great job. There are some fathers who can’t even buy a shirt let a lone spend time with their children. It makes me sad that people are not giving these father’s credit for doing what father’s should do care for their children.

    Sadly, there are some children who don’t have the opportunity to experience being loved in a stable environment and having a real family. For instance children who grow up in the state and foster homes. I’m sure they would give to be with a family who will openly love and accept them for who they are whether it’s with two mothers, fathers, or a mother and a father. The point I’m trying to make is that in life we have to play the cards that we are dealt and make the best out of everything including how we are live and how we were and are raised today. Lately, there are many children who have witnessed abuse, sexual abuse and other terrible ordeals in their life. Granted this can happen in any household but the risk may be less if provided with a stable and loving environment. Instead of ridiculing these fathers give them credit for stepping up to the plate and providing for their family.

    According to Livescience.com/Advantages-gay-parents children who are raised by gay or straight parents doesn’t change the outcome of a child’s life. “Research has shown that the kids of same-sex couples — both adopted and biological kids — fare no worse than the kids of straight couples on mental health, social functioning, school performance and a variety of other life-success measures.
    In a 2010 review of virtually every study on gay parenting, New York University sociologist Judith Stacey and University of Southern California sociologist Tim Biblarz found no differences between children raised in homes with two heterosexual parents and children raised with lesbian parents.”

    As long as children are taught the right way to live, love and be happy all children should live a great life. Although they are taught right from wrong, children still tend to grow and be their own person. But, as a parent when you teach your kids the right way to live, you have done a great job! Let these fathers continue to be great fathers and all parents be great parents no matter the sexual orientation.
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