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    Posted January 18, 2014 by
    Tweed Heads, Australia

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    The Spiritual Benefits of Exercise


    By Jafree Ozwald


    “From pain comes strength. From the negative comes the positive. Relish in this strength and nurture it. It will take you through the great fire and pull you up to the higher path.” ~Babaji


    One of the most fundamental aspects of manifesting the life of our dreams is having an unlimited source of energy at our disposal. This means that our body is operating physically, emotionally and mentally everyday at it’s peak. To reach the top of any summit in life, one must train for it. If we aren’t prepared, we will struggle all the way there and back.


    I find that physical exercise is an essential key to tapping into our hidden spiritual resources. Interestingly, it can become a catalyst for opening up to the most spiritually enlightening journey’s we’ve ever encountered. When we are following an exercise routine at least 6 days a week, a shift happens in our brain where we find a deeper devotion to our selves and our life mission. When we are pushing our bodies to the point of exertion, sweating at our brow, heart pounding, breath pumping, we are forced to empty out all of our mental and emotional neurosis. In this emptiness we open our being up to finding connection with the Divine within us and all around us.


    This Divine connection is already always here now, it’s just that the mind was always in the way of the heart experiencing it. Through intense physical effort, we don’t have to seek out this connection, it simply seems to find us. We discover a natural abundance of energy from within it to create anything in life that we desire. The mind then no longer yearns to hang out in the land of over-analysis, insecurity, lethargy, or emotional constipation. Our energy is too high for that, and our consciousness simply requires a new dimension to play in. A profound joy and excitement for simply being alive skyrockets our lives through our agendas in the coming months ahead. We begin to naturally expand our perception of what we are capable of, and suddenly discover ourselves as the divine cosmic beings we truly are.


    “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mystical. It is the source of all true art and science.” ~ Albert Einstein


    Great things in life often sound too good to be true at first. The rapid movement of blood rushing through our brains will force our entire perception of reality to expand into a spiritual dimension. The only reason we haven’t noticed any spiritual side effects from exercise in the past was simply because we weren’t putting our attention there. We were not aware that exercise was a spiritual experience.


    Once we accept that it is possible, there is no place that we cannot find a spiritual experience in our lives. By owning the reality that exercise is a powerful way of increasing our energy so we can burrow through the mind and find a deeper spiritual connection, then it becomes effortless to come up with more reasons to make it a constant priority.


    When we learn how to move our bodies with pure intention, holding a specific goal or vision in mind, it’s as if this entire divine machine starts working towards the manifestation of the experience we desire. The perpetual exertion of the breath hypnotizes us to expel all of our minds garbage, releasing it and surrendering into a deeper alignment with our cosmic nature. It naturally happens after 45 minutes or so, that the mind simply expands and we start seeing and feeling into our life purpose, knowing that is much bigger and more amazing than we will ever know.


    Exercise used as a method in expanding consciousness is perhaps one of the most fundamental health secrets of the 21st century. The endorphins that flood our brain create the most authentic sensations of gratitude and appreciation for the simple things we have once over looked. Divine inspiration becomes a constant river behind our every desire, and the great source of creative energy fuels the fire behind our every thought. We seem to step aside, and witness the spiritual being living its life through us.


    I’ve found that one of the greatest unknown benefits of daily exercise is that it forces fear to have less of a grip on our minds and hearts. Exercise almost acts as a protection agency that blocks the dark intruders from tormenting our soul. The more often we flood our brains with these happy feel-good chemicals that one workout provides, the harder it becomes for feeling of lack, negativity and poverty consciousness to sneak it’s way inside. Negative thinking simply cannot get it’s foot in the back door of the mind while our sweet golden heart is pounding with aliveness, feeling the new energy blossoming within our soul.


    “Not only does God play dice, but he sometimes throws them where they cannot be
    seen.” ~ Stephen W. Hawking


    There is nothing so sexy and instantly gratifying for raising our vibration than pumping a plethora of oxygenated blood through our heart and brain. There just comes a point in one’s spiritual journey through life, where perpetually resting in lotus pose just cannot reap all the amazing rewards that the ancient yogic text books once portrayed. The valiant meditator within us needs something catalyzing and invigorating to balance out the overly mantrafied mind or some half yogic lazy lifestyle. Our soul chose to live in a body because it needs movement, oxygen, energy and a breath of fresh air to open up the cosmic valves and reach into the next dimension.


    Laziness can happen to the best of us. Whenever we spend an excessive amount of time
    sitting around, taking long lunches, going out for coffee, hanging out in meetings or tending to the kids all day, or laying around on the couch in a horizontal daze, we slowly sink and fall into a deeper lazy haziness about our lives. The sharp side of the swords edge tends to dull, and our manifesting engines start to get rusty. If you’re on the verge of falling into your couch (or just have a half a cheek tucked in) you will want to wake yourself up by answering the following heart opening questions.


    No matter how hard it may be to answer these questions, don’t give up. Sit with these questions until an authentic answer arises within you. Wait until something inside you knows what the answer is for YOU. Are you ready? Answer each one then go to the next.


    What truly motivates you in life?


    What could you do to make your heart sing louder than anything?


    What makes you the happiest to think about right now?


    What is that one thing that you absolutely cannot live without?


    What is that one thing you know you need to stop doing yet cannot?


    Once you find out what truly excites you in life, and what is blocking you from creating that, you’ve done 95% of the work. It just takes a consistent trusting intention to take daily action. Very soon you will springboard your life off the path towards lazy-land and onto the sacred highway to spiritual exercise-ville. It really doesn’t matter if you’re overweight, tired, sick, broke or always have felt challenged by the “idea of exercise”. Just remember one thing. Those who move their body tend to enjoy being alive much more than those who don’t move it and decide to groove with it.


    Perhaps you think it’s too late, and you’ve already sunk into life’s cosmic couch crevice and are unable to escape from it’s cozy grasp. If your life has reclined into a permanent slouching position, it’s best that you start with doing something radical and amazing…unplug the TV! Even better, you’ll see your whole life change if you put it outside and trade it into the salvation army for some new walking shoes. I guarantee you won’t regret it. The secret here is to look at your life and remove those major time/energy drains which are distracting you from increasing your vibration and consciousness.


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    Peace and love,



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