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    Posted January 18, 2014 by
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    Thai military declares coup

    The protestors in Thailand are misrepresented in the news.

    The protestors in Thailand are misrepresented in the news.
    All of the reporters are mainly asking "Why are Thai people try to overthrow an elected government?" And how this protest has disrupted the economy. They fail to ask is why is the happening, what has the government done to cause such reaction from a large group of people, who is responsible for the violence?
    Everytime there's a protest i.e. Egypt, Libya, Syria - reporters always presented the struggle that the people were facing as they were trying to overthrow their oppressive government - ALWAYS. The oppressiveness exerted by this government is not as apparent because they do it through their corrupted policies. Yingluck keeps insisting that she 'come from election' - no one is arguing that. A side note, the votes are from people outside of Bangkok and she received the vote through vote buying. The PDRC has been trying to communicate with foreign press that being elected is not a pass to do whatever they want. If actually looking at what they've done, it has all been policies to benefit themselves, creating populist policy that waste tax money, and corrupt at every step of all government business especially rice subsidy scheme where farmers, the backbone of our country, are the most effected. After all this, is this government still legitimate?
    The backdrop of all this is Taksin, Yingluck's brother, who started all of corruption schemes through his policies. He wants to maintain this system to benefit himself, his family, and his posse.
    Looking at the previous turmoil in Thailand where the red shirts burned down buildings in Bangkok, if you look at the leaders at that time and look at the people who are in official position in this government - they're mostly the same people, shouldn't they be in jail? They are not even qualified or educated to be the head of any ministry. An interesting note, if you look into the background of any of his posse, they come from nothing but became rich after being a representative - what kind of governmental business are they conducting?
    They use all kind of tactics to misrepresent the information mainly through bribery and buy anyone off. They control all of the news outlets. Watching Yingluck in front of the press, she's unable to answer any question on her own, what kind of leader is that? You don't see President Obama doing that, do you?
    The impending election that they press so hard for will not solve any problem because it'll only be a result of vote buying, the same group of people will be back. No chance of any reformation at all, why would they change if the system of corruption is working for them? If CNN bring their political analysts panel to analyze this situation, they would all say this election will only be a waste of tax money because it'll be illegitimate and they won't be able to form the government.
    The police have done nothing to help the protestors, there have been 20+ violence resulting In several deaths but the police has done nothing to try to find the perpetrator. The head of of polices have been bought.
    How can Thailand go on with the current system where all of non elected officials answer to one person but not to the people that they sworn to serve? Change is needed.
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