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    Hitman Targets Facebook

    You will observe from my recent posts http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-1075229 and http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-1075932 that I have been somewhat preoccupied by an new advent in marketing.
    Micro-targeting through Facebook advertising has some fascinating aspects that I would never have thought possible. Actually it wasn't possible before the ability to extract and compile data in a particular way.

    Some may feel there are privacy issues associated with the ability to target advertising down to an individual level, but Facebook Ad Labs assure me this is not so. Any information they use is publicly available and within Facebook's terms of service. It's just that if you or I tried to find a particular line of code amongst the tens of billions to choose from, we might have some difficulty.

    Facebook Ad Labs employ cutting edge software to take care of this problem.
    It takes some time and effort on their part, typically a few days of concentrated effort to disseminate the information down to the targeted individual.
    One of the company founders is particularly adroit at this process and has earned the nick name of the "Hitman."

    Within the company they refer to each target as a "Hit" and pursue their hit until the client is satisfied. They even speak of sub-hits, which are people associated with the hit, who are also targeted in ways to encourage them to form a persuasive point of view in their discussions with the main hit target.2
    All this happens in such a subtle way that all hits and sub-hits are completely oblivious to the campaign. There is complete anonymity for the client.

    Hitman is the busiest person in the team with the business booming in the hit direction. The interesting thing is that Hitman actually kicked the whole thing off by doing hits for himself. He came up with the idea after running various broader ad campaigns for their regular clients. He decided to have some fun with one of his friends by targeting them. He would place targeted ads with specific information to see if it came back to him. It did and worked remarkably well.

    It didn't take Hitman long to realise he could incorporate this into the business and so he set about with other hits. This time the hits were aimed at high end businesses. The targets were soon calling Hitman to ask about how they could target specific clients, without ever knowing they had been hit themselves!

    So the business blossoms hit after hit. The good part, Hitman jokes, is that he doesn't have to drive a big car with a trunk big enough to put the bodies in.
    Hitman does say there is potential for the process to be used maliciously and for that reason will keep a close eye on how it is used. He admits that he once gave in to temptation and targeted a girl he wanted to date. He only did it once and the date was disastrous.

    So if its hits you want they can be contacted through this site, which has a small piece of information about them and a contact form.
    Go to http://myblingobsession.com/micro-targeted-facebook-ads/.
    You will find their Facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/Hitbythehitman?ref=hl
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