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    Posted January 18, 2014 by
    Bangkok, Thailand
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    Thai military declares coup

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    The Regime Gone Mad !!!



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    Lust for Power Brought on Madness


       With the exception of a few freelancing reporters that often presented the twisted view of the event, the western mainstream medias virtually ignore the ongoing political unrest in Thailand. This seems quite conspicuous considering it's a sordid gem of a story ready-made for sensational headlines, replete with murder, political intrigue, corruption and nepotism.

       We are frustrated by this lack of coverage because we want the world to see how the puppet regime of Yingluck Shinawatra continues employing excessive force against peaceful protesters. We urge the global press to compensate for past dereliction by spotlighting the ongoing mass demonstration "shut down Bangkok", led by The People's Committee for Absolute Democracy With the King As Head of State (PCAD), that could bring Bangkok to a standstill and, potentially, the government to its knees.

       For some reason, many regional reporters working for western media grossly underestimating protest attendance figures despite several rallies attracting millions. Reuters reported that a November 24 protest attracted only about 100,000 anti-government protesters while we clearly saw that the figure was well over one million. The helicopter footage of a rally that took place on December 22 was handed over to experts who then pegged the size of the crowd at no less than 4.3 million. Yet Reuters and The New York Times still reported the number of protesters to be in the "tens of thousands."

       How does one account for all these discrepancies. We respectfully suggest that many members of the western corporate media complex have already placed themselves on the side of influential Wall Street's and London's lobbyists as opposed to performing their role as impartial informer. Upon taking office in the late 1990s Thaksin promised to act as a broker between Western commercial interests and Thai businesses. He has been represented by America's and England's foremost public relations and lobbying firms and has been an adviser to the powerful Carlyle Group. That is the reason why the U.S. government continues to stand by its woman in Bangkok whom the State Department has referred to as a long-time friend.


       The PCAD animosity towards the incumbent is certainly understandable given Yingluck's government is obviously ruled by her nefarious brother, the exiled former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, a felon on the lam who is able to still run the country, according to The New York Times, due to the wonders of Skype. There is no question that an accused mass murderer and convicted criminal hiding abroad from a 2-year jail sentence, multiple arrest warrants, and a long list of pending court cases, is illegally running Thailand by proxy.

       Yingluck herself is the personification of power gone mad. According to Michael Peel of The Financial Times she has cynically pursued her family's agenda since taking the helm. Although freely elected in 2011 Yingluck made the tragic mistake of showing contempt for the governed one too many times when she decided to extend amnesty to her fugitive sibling, triggering this latest round of protest. One wonders if she would be facing the current dilemma if her highness could have found a scintilla of wisdom and/or humility to resist being tempted by such a monumentally stupid idea.

       In one act of extreme stupidity, Yingluck squandered the public trust and unleashed the ire and energy of the most passive of resisters, evidenced by millions of mostly middle-class protesters taking to the streets demanding her ouster. Of course, those who lust for power are rarely ready to concede it, which is why the state has tried to crackdown on the movement with tear gas, water cannons, rubber bullets and, as the fact has been shown, real bullets.


       The People and Students Network for the Reform of Thailand (KPT), the PCAD's ally, have been circulating evidence indicating regime surrogates have used lethal force on several occasions, including on December 28 when a member of the KPT was killed by a gunmen with an M16. Government security forces first claimed ignorance then blamed the incident on an unnamed "third party". The Madness Has Begun.

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