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    Posted January 19, 2014 by
    Sydney, Australia

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    Shadow of A Falling Women

    This is my first book in a trilogy. It is dedicated to victims of uncontrolled conditions and special events. Remember, we are all born innocent. We were young babies with a nice smile and soft skin. Then we grow up, and we change, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. Most of the time our destiny plays a big role in changing our life completely. Please never judge a person by their looks; their face, their body, and their clothes. You never know what is inside someone’s heart, and you don’t know what happened to this person to make them good or bad. We could be good and change to bad and ugly. The opposite could also be true. Life is full of surprises, and we never know what is going to happen today or tomorrow. How many people have gone to jail although they were innocent, but they could not prove their case? How many people walking in the streets with us are criminals that have gotten away with their crime? We never chose our names, religion, skin colour, body shape, or whether we were sick or healthy. How many people die every single day because they cannot find a glass of water (especially in Africa)? Have you noticed that some people get everything in life without hard work while others never get one thing they want, even when they strive for it daily? Life is not fair; it’s a true fact, and we have to accept it and live around it. This is my first book in a trilogy.. In Shadow of a Falling Woman, author Ahmed Alsamanoudi chronicles the story of an Australian family. The romance revolves around the lives of sisters Nancy and Linda. Curvaceous, beautiful, dark-haired Nancy is every man’s fantasy. Her come-hither was such a magnet for boys during her high school years that her strait-laced, God-fearing, devout parents sent her to an all-girls’ Catholic high school to remove any temptations from her education. After high school Nancy attended college to study accounting. While away from home, she honors her parents’ wishes that she have nothing to do with boys even though she was being constantly bombarded by male attention. Nancy, however, once meets a college mate at the coffee shop. Three years after their torrid love affair, she and Tony are married. Two children follow soon. Tony and Nancy struggle to save for a house. Linda, on the other hand, is too practical to get involved with boys. She wants an expensive car and a big house. Linda believes that love can happen after marriage. She marries a rich pharmacy student. Catastrophe befalls the family. Their father suffers a heart attack, and their mom dies in a car accident. Nancy and Tony suffer financial and job losses in the 2007 recession in Australia. Just when they despair about finding employment, a new friend, Alex convinces them to invest in his get-rich-quick-scheme. The results are disastrous. Shadow of a Falling Woman is the story of how one family copes by resisting temptations, disappointment, loss, and death that will leave the readers awestruck. You can read this amazing romance story at the link below  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00HXGDTY8   I wish you enjoy reading this bookAhmed Alsamanoudi
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