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    Tokyo, Japan

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    Norovirus...cruise NIGHTMARES...the TRUTH will SHOCK you !





    1. I have worked on cruise ships as far back as the 60's on the old Oriana and que2. They had unionized British crews and some europeans but NOT 3rd World unclean crews like today !

           Most of the live aboard workers on present cruises

           are from places like the Philippines, Indonesia,                India,etc

           They also work on the ferries in the English channel

           These people, for the most part, are NOT hygenic

            Of course the highly paid pr teams employed by

             the billionaire cruise companies like Carnival that

             own MOST of the World's cruise lines with the

             exception of Royal Caribbean will scramble to

             defend themselves and deny ANY derogative

             allegations about norovirus outbreaks or any other

             legitimate criticisms about the negative and risky

             side of cruising but sooner or later the VERITAS

             TRUTH will surface depicting them as outright

             falsifiers of facts and realities !

             Top cruise line executives use their company's

             private luxury motoryachts or gulfstream jets,etc

             and would NEVER want to subject themselves or

             their families to the norovirus dangers !

             I don't like flying but have NEVER got ill from

             it !

             Also you cannot depend on the quack-like

             doctors on board who cruise because of lack

             of success in private practice cruise to chase

             rich, lonely women trying to escape reality,etc !


            Before going on a cruise ask yourself if you

            want to risk yourself and your family or friends

            catching that horrible illness and being confined to

            your cabin and being just another of numerous

            passenger victims of the norovirus and cruise

            company hyped up enticing propoganda to get

            your hard earned $ !

            We travelled from Miami to the Bahamas on

            our own boat some years ago and we NEVER

            had to worry about disentary, food poisoning

            or norovirus !

            I am NOT against cruising but I abhor the fact

            that there are those benefiting financially from

            that industry who insist on distorting the truth

            about norovirus and the real causes of it which

            I am convinced is the unclean crew members

            who handle passengers food and cabin cleaning

            etc !


            As a foreign correspondent, radio shock jock

            and critic I have a conscience and responsibility

            to be opinionated rather than neutral on

            controversial matter such as norovirus and I

            stand by my words !

    And now this...for those who question my expertise, credentials or credibility !



    Dear Mr Martin,

    I'm writing to thank you for your tremendous effort and assistance in filing regular interviews and updates on the situation in Japan for 2UE across the weekend, during what must have been a very frightening time.

    Your initial interview with Stuart Bocking on Friday night blew us away - your insight, considered thoughts and evocative descriptions really impressed upon our listeners the gravity and extent of the situation confronting Japan.

    I know my colleagues continued to touched base with you across the weekend on the George and Paul Show and Weekend Breakfast with John Stanley - and the feedback has been overwhelming. A number of people have made a point of saying to me this morning how compelling your interviews were, along with the content and experiences you related.

    2UE really appreciates your support and assistance - our listeners were also greatly appreciative of the opportunity to hear from someone on the ground in Japan about the severity of the situation and extent of impact.

    I will most definitely send you through an air check of your Friday Night interview as soon as possible - it will take me a little while to turn the audio around this morning but I just wanted to touch base first to express my gratitude for your assistance and your time.

    On behalf of my colleagues, please accept our sincere thanks.

    Our thoughts are with you and your family, and the nation of Japan, at this difficult time.

    If there's anything we can do to be of assistance in coming days or weeks, please don't hesitate to let me know.

    Warm regards,

    Programing Operations

    Dear Mr. Martin,
    Thank you very much for joining us on The Larry Elder Show on April 9th, 2013. Your knowledge of the situation in North Korea was very much appreciated and gave our listeners much needed insight on what is REALLY going on at ground level.
    Know that we will be contacting you in the future if/when things heat up even further with North Korea.
    Warmest Regards,
    Audrey Antley

    Associate Producer
    The Larry Elder Show
    Talk Radio 790 KABC
    Abc news talk Los Angeles

    Dear Paul,
    Thank you very much for coming on The World Today Weekend with Sean Leslie on April 3rd, 2011.
    Even though you were discussing the tragedy that Japan was going through following the massive earthquake and subsequent tsunami, you brought some levity to the situation. You also shed some light some issues that our host didn’t even know about, which was wonderful not only for him, but our listeners as well.
    You were very informative and allowed people here in Vancouver, BC to feel as though they were in Japan.
    We would gladly have you on the show again in the future!

    Devon Taylor
    CKNW News Talk 980
    Producer - The World Today Weekend with Sean Leslie
    Producer - The Weekend Morning News with Jill Bennett
    Producer - Talk To The Experts with Ian Power
    Programming Assistant - CKNW, Rock 101, The Fox, AM730
    Promotions Assistant - CKNW

    To whom it may concern, 5/17/1
    I'm writing on behalf of reporter Paul Martin. Paul provided live reports
    for KGO Newstalk 810 AM radio in San Francisco immediately following the Japan earthquake on 3/11/11.
    Paul did an excellent job of describing the initial damage reports, kept our listeners informed about the danger of nuclear fallout, and also described
    the powerful aftershocks that hit while he was broadcasting live with us from his office in Tokyo.
    We appreciate Paul's coverage and would not hesitatet o use him in the future.
    Paul Hosley
    News and Social Media Director
    KGO Newstalk 810AM
    San Francisco

    Hi Paul,
    Thank you so much for your time last night. The guys really appreciated having someone in Tokyo with as much experience as yourself.
    Keep in touch.
    Luca Gonano
    Producer - 3AW Football

    Media House, Level 7, 655 Collins Street, Docklands VIC 3008 FAIRFAX RADIO NETWORK

    Thank you for our cross today regarding the typhoon in South Korea and your information on the Sydney riots, amazing timing for our program on both issues.
    We appreciated your time this morning, our listeners across Queensland enjoyed having international news and perspective across the airwaves.
    Looking forward to our future correspondence.
    Katherine Hornbuckle
    Mornings with Greg Cary statewide
    9am to 12pm Monday to Friday
    77 Southgate Avenue, Cannon Hill, Qld 4173

    PO Box 10116 Adelaide Street, Brisbane, Qld 4000

    Hi Paul,
    Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to our Afternoon Show today.
    Jane loved the interview and your wealth of knowledge.
    We really appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to talk to us.
    We'd love to chat to you again soon
    Thanks again
    Producer – Afternoons with Jane Marwick
    Producer – Maumill on Sunday

    Hi Paul,

    Thank you for for appearing on 6PR's Weekend Wakeup with Harvey and Sue this morning, talking about the North Korean rocket launch.

    It was an excellent cross, entertaining and informative.




    Crazy Clown

    I can tell you know what your talking about I've witnessed it too, and seen it ! YOU can also go to YOU TUBE and type in Cruise Line inspection problems.



    Crazy Clown replied to                      you

    The Truth be Told right here by Paul Martin, and he is truthfully telling it like it is , PAUL how about a good 15 to 30 minute YOU TUBE Video on this narrated by YOU telling us what your saying here !!! thanks !!





    PAUL, you are exactly Correct in that assumption, as I too have witnessed 1st hand these Big Corporate Cruise Lines hiring 3rd world people from those countries, mainly Illegally,for Cheap labor reasons and no benefits for their Billion Dollar cruise liner, they have been poorly trained most of them, have inadequate skills, speak poor English or other languages can't communicate with other crew members if an Emergency breaks out, its been a DISASTER waiting to happen for a long time, and its now shedding light , soon a major Disaster will happen givin the circumstances, just a matter of time !!!


    Video at paul martin foreign correspondent   on your browser

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