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    Countdown to Colonoscopy:With 2 family members of President Obama household 50+, hopefully they will undergo this procedure and so will all Americans over 50 under the Affordable healthcare act


    Colonoscopy is a diagnostic procedure that can detect colon cancers at an early stage and can allow for removal of polyps or buds that can give rise to malignant cancers, so cancers are nipped in the bud. In most cases, a colonoscopy is advised by medical experts when a person turns 50. In some case of family history of colon cancers, early colonoscopy is recommended. See you own doctor before undergoing colonoscopy. The procedure is generally done under total anesthesia but some are performed with local anesthesia. During a routine examination, the doctor will suggest scheduling an appointment with a surgeon. The surgeon will most likely schedule the procedure in a couple of months if you stay on top of it and if your health insurance plan covers it or you are ready to pay out of pocket. The count down to colonoscopy begins with the office of the surgeon contacting you after date is fixed for the procedure and will send you instructions on acquiring a prescribed bowel clearing kit and what needs to be done a day before the colonoscopy. This count down can be a bit challenging but essential for the success of the procedure. Let me take you though the count down. After breakfast I had no more solid food but had Light apple juice and around 2.00pm, I took the bowel cleaning solution from a kit (shown in the picture) which is basically a mixture of Magnesium sulphate, Potassium sulphate and Sodium sulphate. followed by water. This sets in motion the bowel motions and very soon it feels like the toilet being flushed. Intermittently clear liquids like electrolyte solution clear soup broths, clear apple juice were consumed. Around 8.00pm the next dose of the bowel clearing solution will be taken and followed by clear liquids and after mid night I will have to continue with no solid food and no broth or clear juices. I have no idea wwhat tomorrow brings. One thing for sure no one can say I am full of s___. I hope that I am not the only one who believes in the procedure millions of baby boomers and people over 50 undergo this procedure and is covered by their insurance plan, I like to use the proverb stitch in time saves 9. if a polyp is found during colonoscopy, it gets removed and will not grow into a life threatening cancer. To those who just recently turned 50, just get in done and be happy that you are in a Western country where it is common to get the procedure done. In the developing countries, the awareness is not that much. My father who is in his 90s has never had the procedure done but that is his luck. Although he does get himself routinely checked for occult blood. Blood in the stools. To the First lady, Happy belated birthday. don't overlook the need to talk to your doctor about colonoscopy and spread the word. Also nutrition has a lot to do with good health. a high fiber low red meat diet can reduce the rates of colon cancer. One more thing. the surgeons office will make it clear that you have a person to drive you home. So Don't undergo the procedure and drive or take a cab. This may seem trivial but with a working spouse or offspring or friend, it is another challenge. Thanks to Martin Luther King Holiday my spouse can take bring me home after the procedure tomorrow. One more thing, before the procedure one has to fill many forms and several questions need to be answered. One of them is Do you have a living Will. I got mine completed yesterday and I can answer Yes. There is a miniscule possibility of complication and feel free to talk to the person doing the procedure before the anesthesia knocks you out. That may be a bit late so consider talking to your doctor who sent you to the surgeon. to the first time procrastinators go for it. don't be a chicken. Be Human.

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