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    Posted January 19, 2014 by
    St. Paul, Minnesota
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    Abandoned buildings

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    Moved From A Homeless Shelter into A Neglected House (Minnesota)!

    Greetings Every Beings,

    Thank you so much for viewing my story that I am going to state briefly. In 2009 my husband had surgery, and I took a unpaid leave of absence from the hospital I transferred to and worked for them for 3.5 years. Altogether I worked for the company for 5 years. During the leave I received several phone calls from a human resource person stating that I need to get back to work, and that I did not have enough work hours to cover any more days. I did have enough hours though and I told her that my husband was still in need of my help and I had to care for our 2 years old twins boy and girl and our two oldest sons ages 5 and 11. The next day I received a priory mail and it was a termination letter from this company. After receiving the letter from my former employer I went over to the landlord and explained to them that I just lost my job and that I will be a little late with rent. Later that evening on May 20, 2009 my family and I received a letter from the landlord telling us to vacate their property on June 1, 2009.

    On June 1, 2009 our only vehicle broke down and needed some expensive repairs. So we sold all of our goods to make some quick cash to purchase a smaller car. So we went to one county seeking shelter and was told that we have to reside in their county for 30 days before they can help us. We pleaded with the county worker to help us and that we did not have any where to go. But she did not consider, so we requested to see her supervisor, and she vouched us to stay at one shelter that was my my my I can not say I was just thankful to have some where to lay our heads. 7 days later in this shelter the manager knocked on our door at 9:35p.m at night and told us that we had to leave, and told us that the county will not re-voucher us until we stay in their county for 30 days.

    So we drove around in the hot summer night with no place to go with our four children for 3 hours. Then we stopped at our baby sitter who has now passed on may her soul rest in peace if we can live with her for 30 days, and she said yes. Thank God!

    30 days went by and we went back to the county and now they vouched all of us to a different shelter that was a little more presentable to live. When we lived in the shelter for 2 months. During our stay there we met other families that were from different states that was not required to stay not only in their county but the State of Minnesota for 30 days before the received some help.

    In Mid September 2009 our Advocate helped us find a place to live. We were so excited to move out of the shelter into a place we can call home.

    So we gladly checked out of the shelter and moved into this abandoned house. There was no stove or refrigerator. We ate out with the unemployment money, and kept our food cold with a cooler that we bought while we were in the shelter. The house had trash in every room. Dog manure was in a pile in the garage and dog urine was soaked into the carpet. Toilet was filthy and full of urine. So we just did what we have to do and cleaned up the place. The water was not turned on either so we had to purchase some 4 gallon of water bottles to wash up and clean up. The place was not livable. I believe that one of the neighbors called the city inspector and they came and told us that we had to leave immediately and that the owner was not to allow any human to live in there so we contacted the advocate and she helped us into a place that had carbon monoxide going on, but we were able to live there for a year.

    There are many things that my family and I faced. The beautiful outcome of this is that I became stronger in Faith with our Father God Almighty. Satan has gotten the best of me in my life and I was not able to get rid of him on my own so I gave my life to Our Father in Heaven and Earth, because he is the only one that is able to help me deal with all of horrible persecutions of the devil and his demons. I pray for everybody that are facing the evilness of Satan and his demons to think of me and my family how God Almighty gotten us through all of these things we faced in our lives.

    Never lose hope and faith, because everything that we face in this life is temporary including the life that we are all living in. Have a wonderful life and May Our Father God Almighty be with all of Us Humans. I Thank God Almighty all day everyday, and I thank you all for taken the time away from your busy life-styes to read my story of me and my family. God Bless you All.

    Carla O.
    Servant & Believer of Our Father God Almighty Time: 1324 Hours.
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