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    The profitable Business of being Humanitarian in the Hispanola.


    Haiti have being called the NPO Nation, due to the fact that thousands of Non-Profit organizations are working in Haiti, helping the devastated Country with the worst record of Corruption and human rights violations in The Americas, with half of it population undocumented, no birth certificates ,or ID of any kind, Haiti has a culture of illegal citizens in their own country.

    With Billions of Dollars donated to Haiti and the thousands of NPO, without any rules of accountability , where is the money going???..Now ,that the world's interest have shifted to other areas such as Syria, Afghanistan, The middle East , who is keeping an eye on all the billions donated to Haiti???. According to The Haitian President Michel Martelly, Haiti is getting one cent out of every dollar donated to Haiti and many of the NPO are living a great life in Haiti buying Expensive Automoviles, Mansions, Beach properties, Hotels and buying the favors of key peoples in Government.

    But Now that the world is no longer interested in Haiti like it was 2012, what are some NPO doing to keep the cash flowing their way???. The answer is simple, in every story there is a hero, a Villain and a victim, In this case the heroes are the more than 100 NPO , operating in Dominican Republic, that have taken the cause against the Dominican Republic accusing them of Racism, Hate, Nazism, and apartheid against Haitians in the Dominican Republic, These organizations are receiving Millions of Dollars to keep the fight against the Dominicans in almost every media possible, From Latin stations, Spanish Newspapers, in Canada , USA, UE and even in Al Jazeera, at the same time paying Dominican reporters up to $600,000 Euro annually to keep presenting Haiti's neighbor as the cause of all the problem , But why??... The answer is simple, Haiti is a failure of a state, that have become the biggest threat to security in the Caribbean, a Narco paradise state, with Millions without the most basic services, with diseases ,80% unemployment , and most Haitians living on a dollar a day, and the answer to the problem according to the NPO is that Dominican Republic accept and documents millions of Haitians, one way or the other, and the other way have taken a nasty turn , using blackmail, media control and lies..Accusing the Dominicans of hate, murder of thousands and even denying their Haitian children Dominican citizenship , even though according to the Dominican constitution , the parents have to be Dominicans or legal for the child to receive citizenship, And even though Haiti refuse to provide Documents to half of it own population, Haiti, CARICOM  and the hundred of NPO demand that Dominicans document the illegal Haitian Population living in the DR as Dominicans.
    This dangerous game that is bringing anger between Dominicans and Haitians have become the most profitable scam for many in Haiti, Dominican republic and even outside the island,

    The following article written by ,Manuel Nunez, historian and one of the best known defenders of Dominican sovereignty , show the feeling of 90% of Dominicans when it come to the issues. OPINION: The anti-Dominicans Humanitarians


    THE AUTHOR is historian, writer, poet and university professor. Living in Santo Domingo.
    Anti Dominican humanists have launched a war of words against the Nation such as "Rather be traitor to Nation, than being a traitor to humanity". That statement set forth in the flags ceremony solidarity hugs held in the Aula Magna of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo on December 5, 2013, is a phrase that carries airs. It has been repeated by its journalists, and it's part of the propaganda that is disclosed in INTERNET.
    This is an argument built on false foundations and nebulae. Haiti does not symbolize Humanity. In demographic terms, Haiti does not represent a greater proportion of humanity that constitute the Dominicans. To betray the Dominican Republic on behalf of Haiti will not be rendering service to humanity. Accordingly, delusional statements that day was it regardless of mankind. Because it was reduced to a tiny portion of it. That, apparently, is the only one worthy of compassion, respect, solidarity and love of humanists. The other portion, the Dominicans, as the deputy of the APD, Dona Guadalupe Valdez is home to apartheid. Displays an outdated sovereignty, according to journalist Juan Bolivar Diaz, He starred in this act.
    We will remove the pieces of this reasoning.

    1. It is false that the country encourages statelessness. Because no child or descendant of Haitians is deprived of nationality. Have the nationality of origin in accordance with Article 11 of the Haitian Constitution. In all cases, legal or illegal, Haitians are battling for a second nationality.

    Two. It is true that Haitians have retroactively stripped of a right they already had. Because since 1929 the nationality status has remained unchanged in all constitutional amendments. The Judgment TC168/13 has only endorsed what already existed.
    Three. It is false that the Judgment 168/13 is the antithesis of international law. 190 states of the world, which comprises all the territory in which humanity invoked by these handlers, 160 is not granted citizenship to children of illegal (cp. Listin Diario 06/12/13) unfolds. In other words, humanity does not think or act or has the judicial system that defend the demagogues who invoke. Most countries have legislation which combines with the Judgment 168/13. Even in Haiti itself, recipient of the generosity of those who prefer to betray his country, the children of illegal benefit of nationality. In Haiti, the descendants of illegal aliens legal or not it bears the nationality. So, that Haitians pro condemn us by circumstances Haitians refuse to apply in their own country. That's a hemiplegic, selective vision, the ideal of justice. Haitians are applauded for the same reasons that condemns Dominicans.

    Nothing has been spared for the manipulation. Not even Nelson Mandela. They turned to the public adept their legal nonsense. They have used the reputation of the great fighter against apartheid, racism, the popularity of smith rainbow nation, to give air of nobility to what they have been genuine vileness against the Dominican nation. . Now the anti Dominicans that humanists should fight South Africa during the Mandela government, established that the descendants of illegal aliens arriving from neighboring countries (which are few) are not granted South African citizenship. Behold the legal text for the Government endorsed the immense Mandela: South African Citizenship Act, No. 88 of 1995 By Birth: Born in South African territory, as long as their parents are South African or legal aliens with permanent residence in the Republic of South Africa. Not included in this category are children of diplomats or representatives of foreign governments, nor the children of domestic workers dependent on foreign officials.
    May. It should be done now some questions. Will they be able to accuse the entire Mandela barbarism often attribute to not think like them and forgotten in our little country? Why in 160 countries if the children of illegal Haitians would not be considered as citizens of these countries, only selectively condemning the Dominican Republic? These humanists who condemn our country in one case and not do it with other countries for similar circumstances are disqualified before our eyes. Why can to spare the rest of humanity, which will usually forgive their laws and constitutions, and be relentless with Dominicans? Why Dominicans do not have the rights that are accorded to all others, even the Haitians? As to what they say these humanists, for we are not tittle of genocidal civil and be worthy of belonging to humanity, we betray our country. Nobody, of course, asks Haitians to achieve a similar purpose, betray his. What have we done to deserve such hatred"....

    The article continue with more details, but what have the Dominican done to deserve all these attacks??..Have a weak corrupt government.!!!!

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