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    Posted January 20, 2014 by

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    Letter to Potential Olympic Terrorists

    Dear Mr. or Mrs. Terrorist,

    I am sitting here on my couch trying to understand why you would threaten to use suicide bombers at the Sochi Olympic Games. In reality I am sitting here wondering why you would use suicide bombers at all. I really do not get the reasons why you choose to terrorize people.

    While I am aware of your actions, people like me simply do not understand your motivations. What do you get at the end of all of this?

    For so many years Al-Qaeda and other Muslim Extremist groups have blown people up, crashed planes and engaged in other acts of murder and mayhem to accomplish what end? Are Muslims better off today because of your efforts?

    I guess there may be some zealots that really believe they are doing the will of their chosen God, but I don’t think that is what motivates people that encourage other people to strap on a bomb for the cause.

    So, what is the terrorism all about? Is it some sort of political point? Because if it is, it is not trickling down to people like me. While I may fall victim to an attack, I would have no idea what I even died for. People scream jihad, but never really identify what they are hoping to see happen at the end of all of this.

    When you have killed off all of your perceived enemies and take over will you live in peace? Afghanistan under the Taliban would indicate you would not. If their example tells us anything young, female suicide bomber, if you choose not to blow yourself up then you will be beaten for being out alone or for daring to laugh in public. That does not seem to be a better way of life.

    I am so disgusted that terrorists are even hinting at hurting people at the Olympic Game. Can’t you take a break, this is one time that the world comes together and celebrates excellence and gets to learn about what goes on in different countries and you plan to ruin that.

    Why? Why are you a terrorist? Why do you want to kill and maim people? Tell me so I can understand.

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