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    Posted January 20, 2014 by
    ventanilla, Peru
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    Advocate finds funds for school

    It has been two weeks since I had been up on the hill as I have been forced into the four stuffing walls of the office, attempting to help those in western cultures understand that the $400.00 USD they spend a month on facials and vitamin muscle powder at the gym could be kindly reduced t0 $300.00 a month. Trying to convince people that attend a church where the Pastor spends over $ 15,000 USD in one week just on hotel accommodation that perhaps they could understand where shrinking back $100.00 USD a month instead of spending it at the book shop on campus actually make bring around the following results in Perú. I am so humbled and honored to know indivivduals that have stepped up and considered, thought, or even have actually taken on the incredible pledge to bring freedom and education to children. They have inspired, encouraged, and empowered. I know individuals that are sacrificially giving

    a.) A family who has no stable source of income and the husband just lost his job, but they chose to continue contributing becasue they know the eternal rewards.

    b.) Someone already on the field, serving, digging holes, sweating, and showing others how to serve gives because this person knows the return of investment.

    c.) Someone who has a part-time job makes an incredibly generous contribution because they see the value of the relationship of building and the investment of education.

    For those who turn their heads away and ignore the poverty, but you can never say that you never knew...

    Where else can you shrink back your wine glasses full and think on what that could be used for....

    $100.00 USD will provide a child

    1.) 28 days of education a month.
    2.) Teacher's salary
    3.) Pays for lights/water/and electricity for computers.
    4.) Pays for uniform/shoes/
    5.) Buys paper for copies/books/pencils
    6.) Gives the child access to outreach events/activities outside of the school.
    7.) Allows the child to use a toilet where he or she doesn't have to wipe their shit on a wall with their hand.
    8.) Protects the child from being snatched by child labor groups itching for child slavery.
    9.) Protects the child from human kidnapping
    10.) Protects the child from getting sold off for sex slavery.

    Those are just ten of the basic reasons why I think shrinking back on 4 meals out of the house a month and choosing to eat in home can be a benefit or even perhaps just scale back a few protein shakes at the gym a month mixed in with a few less glasses of wine at dinner per week may actually prove eternal benefits of hope, safety, education, and freedom for the life of a child among the marginalized community of Ventanilla, Perú, South America.
    At any rate, getting off of my self-induced perceptions that certainly do not exclude me from the equation as I am equally as guilty on various counts of missing the mark of true sacrifice. However, today, after hanging out on the hill, with the freaking dirt, (filled with bacteria filled dried shit) blowing around into my eyes, nose, and mouth, did help me realize that some of us put ourselves into a risky situation on more than one occassion. I cannot tell you how many times that I've had to disinfect my eyeballs everynight to prevent some nasty infection from swelling into my brain. This is a luxury that I have for which I am so grateful. There are others that are not this fortunate. One of those is the face of the child above in the photograph.

    Living out of the comfort zone was never easy, but its always worth it.

    Sadly, so many of us think we are living out of the comfort zone by roughing it out at the local Yacht Club or motorcycle ride because its a bit hot or humid that day. Those mosquitos sure did drive you nuts that day, didn't they?

    I think our levels of comfort zone get screwed when our environment is bubbled into the gated community in which we park our cars and sleep safely with the 45 security placed cameras around the house.

    We got kids dying everyday in the streets from drugs, violence, and abuse. We can't blame others. It's just money after all. Right ? You know. You spent $ 100.00 at McDonald's or on protein powder. We spend $ 100.00 to give a child education. You get to spend $100.00 on a weekend entertainment event with movies, popcorn, and candy. We get to spend $100.00 on pulling bullets out of an adolescent from the Soccer Club that just got shot up from a drug bust that went bad on the street.
    So, as I finished teaching English for the day, I stepped around the back of the building to urinate on the back wall of the building because the toilets were filled and clogged.
    As I safely stepped around the back, I accidentally bumped into one of the little kids that lives up on the hill. Apparently water hadn't been brought in on the truck in a few days and several of the families were struggling with no buckets of water that they have to buy. 40 Gallon drum of water costs over $ 1.25 USD, however, if the water truck doesn't make it up because the company doesn't think that they'll make enough profit to cover the gasoline to get up there, they just leave them dry. So, this little kid was having a shit on the wall, and unfortunately, much to my horror, he wiped his behind with his hand, smearing shit all over his hand. I turned away to walk around to the car when I heard him gag and I heard the slapping of his hand to the cement wall to wipe off the shit from his hand onto the wall.

    That was the shitty wall that I found later when I returned to urinate.

    I don't know. We claim that we suffer, sacrifice, and go through hell in so many situations and that we struggle so much to make ends meet. Granted, I understand that our global economy fights through raging waters of instability in the churning water of financial Tsunamis.

    Do you wipe your behind with your hand to remove shit from your body and smear it on the wall behind your house ? Or did you just spray your bathroom with scented spring flowers with a tint of rose petals ?

    We can't judge each other, can we? You hang money over our heads promising if we dance through your hoops, you'll promise to generously give. We only advocate and speak up for the rights of the poor and needy. We only speak up and advocate for those who have been silenced by violence, drugs, crime, gangs, and domestic abuse. How would you help a child to protect them from the brutal reality of life on the streets? Put them in school and protect them until they are old enough to understand the safe places.
    Let's all join together, unify ourselves, and get this poverty thing closed up.

    Just think about that tonight when you go into your giant bathroom, sit on the cushy toilet seat, pull out the latest edition of People Magazine or Architect Digest, and have a shit... While you are having a shit, please think about where the kids on our hill are having their shit... I dare you to wipe your shit on the wall and leave it there for two weeks. They do.
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