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    Posted January 21, 2014 by

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    Testosterone Treatment Lawsuit Heats Up With New Study.


    In a report just released by the JAMA (Journal Of The American Medical Association) has a warning for those men currently on Testosterone Therapy



    Testosterone therapy is promoted as a therapy that can improve muscle mass lip libido

    booster bones but this the report found it may also increase your risk of a heart attack

    stroke or other cardiovascular events researchers found in this study.


    The JAMA study reviewed data from just over eighty seven hundred veterans

    all who had low testosterone levels. men started on testosterone therapy had a higher risk of death, heart attacks and strokes compared to men who where not on testosterone therapy.


    The men in the study did have heart problems to begin with but the testosterone therapy made that risk much higher according to the study. More studies should be done to fully understand the potential risk and you should never stop any medication without consulting with your doctor first. With this new study out its important that you discus your heart disease with your doctor and ask him if testosterone treatment is right for you.


    Men who did low T therapy with the following signs of health problems had the greatest increased risk of stroke, heart attack or death, according to the study. Heart problems that could potentially elevate the risk of men undergoing testosterone treatments included the following:

    • plaque buildup

    • artery blockage

    • high cholesterol

    • diabetes

    • obesity

    Study authors recommended that physicians should prescribe low testosterone treatments with more caution.

    If you have already experienced side effects with Testosterone Treatment you should call 1-888-351-7979 to join the ongoing Testosterone treatment lawsuit.


    You can also visit https://www.facebook.com/TestosteroneTreatmentLawsuit for more information.

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