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    Dolphins getting captured and slaughtered out of international waters

    The world is not looking the other way, but will Japan listen? 11 more dolphins were taken into captivity yesterday, bringing the total taken from this hunt to 51 (although two died). These dolphins do not belong to Japan. They belong to all of us — to the oceans and the planet and they matter in their own right. Though these dolphins face death today, in the spirit of Dr. King, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and our Cove Guardians will never be silent about what they and others driven into the shallow waters of Taiji have faced. The eyes of the world are now laser-focused on Taiji’s cove, and many will hear the cries of the dolphins.
    Five separate pods of Bottlenose dolphins totaling more than 250 individuals including juveniles and babies were driven into Taiji’s infamous killing cove on Thursday, where they have endured four days of a bloody and traumatizing captive selection process. The remaining group of about 200 dolphins, who were left to survive a fourth night in the cove without food or shelter, now face brutal slaughter at the hands of the Taiji Fishermen’s Union. Among the original “superpod” was a rare albino calf and his or her mom. In some cultures, albino animals are considered sacred “spirit” creatures, and it is thought to be bad luck to harm them.
    The unique albino calf, a rare and lucrative find to exploit as a spectacle in captivity, was the very first dolphin to be snatched away from her mother’s side by the Fisherman and taken captive on Friday and transferred directly to Taiji Whale Museum. Japanese press is reporting that the mother rejected the calf and so they rescued her, but that is a blatant fabrication as the thousands who watched our live stream of the kidnapping can attest. The baby is possibly blind and/or deaf, as is the case with many albinos. If so, this could be one of the reasons that this terrified calf clung so closely to his or her mother in the cove and now clings to a dolphin companion sharing the calf’s tiny tank. This news story needs to be escalated! http://www.seashepherd.org/news-and-media/2014/01/20/200-bottlenose-dolphins-held-a-fourth-night-in-cove-11-more-dolphins-taken-captive-yesterday-1547

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