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    Capturing the Human Spirit: George Aikara

    What do you do when you are bored and still young. You’re in your twenties, done with school, have a steady job; but what’s in it for you? Money? A steady life? That’s fulfilling to some but not for all. What is fulfilling to a person? What about learning something new. That’s a start. Go out a find something you have never done before and experience that moment to its fullest. But how do you accomplish that? More times than none you need other people. Who would you learn from? Who would help you along the way? So far we have the need to do something fulfilling, something new, something adventurous, something with human interaction.
    Ok, I think I’ve got it. Why not travel a long distance on a motorcycle with no plans and no worry about direction. Make that across an entire country. How about India?
    George Aikara was living the nine to five dream. As he went day to day to his advertising company job, he wondered what he could do to mix things up a bit. After giving it a thought, he chose to drive across India on a motorcycle by himself. He wanted some time to himself. He longed for solitude, and as George put it, “when you’re young you want to take advantage of these opportunities.”
    George’s trip did not start out with a bang. It was a modest beginning in the small town of Davangare. There was nothing for him in this town but as he drove on into the night until his motorcycle broke down, he stopped at a small shop with no place to sleep, and no tent. He met an old woman that let him sleep in one of her rooms. She gave him what she had; a blanket and a pillow. It wasn’t the modest surrounding that surprised George but the graciousness of this stranger.
    The next morning he met some truck drivers who offered to drive him, and his motorcycle to the next town where he could repair it. At night George and the other men would drink by the side of the road next to the shelter of their trucks and swap stories. It wasn’t like the sight you see at night along the freeway with lines of trucks parked on the side with their drivers sound asleep in the backs of the cabs. All the drivers shared the night, and relished it.
    George was prepared for difficulties; he was prepared for hardship. What George was not prepared for was kindness.
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