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    Dr. Ronald Buro Offers Patients the Latest Method for Anxiety-Free Dental Care




    Leesburg, VA cosmetic dentist, Dr. Ronald Buro, is now offering patients a better way to experience a more relaxing, comfortable visit at the dentist with oral sedation. With approximately 1 in 7 Americans experiencing fear or anxiety about the dentist, Dr. Buro and his staff have introduced this technology to ensure that patients don’t defer much-needed care due to fear.


    For many patients, their fear or anxiety about the dentists prevents them from coming to their scheduled appointment, or even visiting the dentist at all for long periods of time. This not only increases their chance for increased decay and plaque, but it can also lead to a variety of health problems due to bacteria that enters the blood stream through the teeth and gums.


    Oral sedation for dentistry is helping patients actually enjoy the dentist in a comfortable, relaxed state. “Oral sedation really gives our patients a new outlook on dental treatment and it’s no longer a source of fear for them,” said Dr. Ronald Buro. “With just a simple pill taken before their appointment, patients are less aware of the sights, smells, and sounds of the office and much less perceptive to pain during their treatment.”


    In addition to helping treat those with fear or anxiety of the dentist, oral sedation is useful in a variety of other situations as well. For example, patients who have very sensitive teeth, a sensitive gag reflex, or difficulty getting numb also benefit from oral conscious sedation by being less perceptive of their experience while in the dental chair. Conscious sedation is also useful for patients who receive several procedures during one visit, which would typically lead to fatigue without sedation.


    Those who opt for conscious sedation are given a prescription by Dr. Buro that they pick up at their local pharmacy before the appointment. One to two hours before the appointment, the patient takes the sedative and has someone drive them to the dentist office. Once the pill is in effect, the patient is in a very calm, relaxed state but still responsive and not fully sedated. Dr. Buro provides conscious sedation for patients undergoing a wide range of procedures, including everything from simple cleanings and fillings, to more extensive treatments like crowns and root canals.


    Dr. Buro has been practicing dentistry for more than 40 years and is well known for his expertise in the industry. He is a highly trained dental implants dentist in Leesburg, VA for patients with missing teeth, and is also a preferred Invisalign provider. For more information about the oral conscious sedation provided by Dr. Ronald Buro and the professionals at Family First Dental and Orthodontic Center, please visit http://www.leesburgsmiles.com and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w32ALQwVzHw.

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