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    Posted January 22, 2014 by
    Goldcoast, QLD, Australia
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    Your 'Aha' weight-loss moments

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    Amazing new Way To Lose Weight For Good!

    There is an amazing new way to lose weight. It is not a diet. It's a cure for food addiction that leads to a fast weight loss that lasts for good. We have been dieting for forty years. Before that there was no need to diet unless your had an illness like Diabetes Type A. It is clear that diets don’t work. If they did, over time, we would all be getting slimmer. The fact is, diets can't work. Our body won't let them. That’s because human beings evolve. They do not adapt. Least of all to foods the body does not understand. But what made us begin to diet?
    Forty years ago we were pushed and coerced into a new diet. It was said to cure high cholesterol. There was an urgency to change. It was driven by a media scare campaign about cholesterol. Virtually overnight, millions of people abandoned a traditional diet based on proteins and natural carbohydrates. Instead they reluctantly agreed to a diet based on manufactured, processed foods. It was a diet virtually free of proteins. They were foods known as; the building blocks of life.
    This forced our body to process foods it did not understand. This led to an addiction to those foods. The addiction caused food cravings. This made us eat more and more food. It led to the Obesity Epidemic we see today. It also created a new deadly disease called Diabetes Type 2. We all began to get fat. This opened a new opportunity for people seeking a niche on the fringe of medicine. They had already created a diet ready to go. It was said to cure high cholesterol. It was an exact reversal of our traditional diet. It became known as the food pyramid.
    Ait is shocking to learn that more than 60% of the population in the western world and beyond. Have become obese and are addicted to food. Most commonly, they are addicted to sugar. According to statistics, 86% of us will be obese by 2030. These numbers will continue to grow. When something so big and significant. Happens to affects so many people. It begs the question: What is pushing the addiction. And why is nobody trying to stop it? Invariably, an addiction is about money. In a forty year period. We have seen a relatively small industry. Mostly of breakfast cereal makers. Grow to a multi-national conglomerate of processed food manufacturers.
    It’s an industry worth billions of Dollars. Like the tobacco industry. It coasts along on the back of a dangerous, growing addiction. An addiction, when legal, is the most lucrative, profitable business that exists. We are now in a 3rd generation of addicts. The industry counts on mothers to pass the addiction along to the next generation. Since mothers don’t know they are addicted. And simply follow the recommendations by food experts. It is not surprising we have a food addiction. There is every chance mothers will do what is expected of them. That's how it has been working for four decades.
    So why are we not being educated and warned about this? Economics! The only people who do not benefit long term from this addiction are the addicts. To get a realistic view of this addiction. Take look at the aisles in your local supermarket.. Almost all of them are stocked with fake foods. Natural foods that once filled our shops are gradually being eased out the door. Poetically, we invariably find them near the exit.
    The food industry is in a hurry to replace every natural food product. With a manufactured substitute. They know they will have to face the music soon. By then, they hope to be the only source of food left. We really must stop believing that we can do better than nature. We need to work out ways to create more natural foods. Rather than produce foods that lead to addiction, obesity and early death. We may survive climate change. But if the food industry has its way. We won’t survive our diets.
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