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    Posted January 22, 2014 by
    Watertown, New York
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    Obama's NSA Speech Has Little Impact On Skeptical Public

    Did President Obama change anyone's opinion about what the NSA is doing when he claims they're not?
    No. Not so much.
    Did President Obama suggest that we stop construction on the huge NSA data storage facility in Utah during his speech on January 17TH?
    In fact, if you visit the NSA's storage facility website, they have this to say about Obama's speech:
    2014 Status of the Utah Data Center

    "We are happy to report that we "dodged a bullet" last week when President Obama gave his January 17th speech on NSA "reforms".
    We were all ready to provide complete transparency about the current operating status of the Utah Data Center, but happily now it looks like we won't have to!
    Instead, we are providing this nice wintry collection of recent photos of our data center:
    The NSA says they are "happy they dodged the bullet and put the word, "reforms" in quotation marks.
    Yuck , yuck.
    Funny stuff, eh?
    Yes, Obama's speech was designed to put the NSA at ease but it did nothing to alleviate the fears the public has of this program according to Pew Research.
    Not much will change.
    The NSA will keep doing what it's been doing- shredding our Constitution but, hey, as Mike Rogers says, "It's all legal".
    Rep. Mike Rogers, Intelligence Committee Chairman, also says:
    "You Can't Have Your Privacy Violated If You Don't Know About It"
    Congress has said spying on Americans is legal. Judges have said so too.
    Lawyers have looked at the law and agreed, so we have nothing to be concerned about. Right?
    Wasn't waterboarding legal under Bush until it wasn't. It never was according to the Geneva Convention and the U.N. But what the hell do the U.N. know? Right? Unless it's our guys getting tortured.
    The irony of Obama's speech is that as he asks us to believe him about the need for more restrictive gun laws, austerity and cuts for the middle class programs while he assures corporations that there won't be another government shutdown before he left on Christmas vacation not having included extending unemployment benefits for a few millions of "still unable to find work" Americans, in the budget bill he signed.
    Obama says he's working to reform immigration as he deports more illegals than President Bush did, he denies that Edward Snowden played any significant part in forcing the country to have this discussion about the NSA as he stood and addressed the nation about the spying of our NSA on American citizens.
    This address wasn't necessary because of what Edward Snowden exposed about the NSA, Mr. President?
    If we can't believe the president on why he was addressing the nation about the NSA program, then why would he expect anyone on the left or the right to believe he's interested in forwarding programs that would benefit American workers and families?
    Nice try, Mr. President.
    But the words that appear on the NSA Utah DATA Storage website tell an entirely different story than you told to us the other day.
    Pew Research shows Obama's Speech had no impact on what Americans believe about the NSA spying program. And that's no surprise.
    People recognize the truth when they hear it and it appears now more than ever that Edward Snowden is the only one telling us the truth these days.
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