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    Posted January 22, 2014 by
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    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     Steveasu says the family hopes to bring Aubrey home by Monday. He said the odds of complication (most statistics they heard put it the risk at less than 2 percent), 'but when you consider the risk for Aubrey having Down syndrome were about 1 in 185, 2 percent odds are very realistic!' He said he hoped this story would encourage to others 'that will hear the same news we had. Aubrey is truly a gift and we could not imagine our lives without her!'

    UPDATE: Steve reports that his daughter went home on Saturday. 'Thanks to everybody that shared our story, as we never imagined it would touch so many people.'
    - dsashin, CNN iReport producer

    As I sit here next to our daughter's bedside at Lurie Children's Hospital in Chicago, it reminds me about how precious life really is. Our daughter Aubrey happened to be born with Down Syndrome and is 5 months old. As with a large percentage of kids with Down Syndrome, she was born with an ASD and VSD (two holes in her heart). We were told she needed surgery and yesterday she had open heart surgery to fix those holes.

    My wife and I waited on the 15th floor for what seemed like an eternity. Every time the door opened, we wondered if everything was okay. The staff updated us regularly and after about 5 hours we got the best news ever.......The surgery was a success!!! One of the cardiac surgeons said everything went perfect. We cried and held each other tight. After a little more time, we got to see Aubrey.

    A little more than 24 hours later, I captured the exact moment my wife got to hold her after the surgery. Pure joy! This is what life is about!

    Why did I post a private moment in our lives you ask? Because in the last 36 hours, there was not much to do. I must have watched hours of CNN and read the online papers at every hour on the hour. I kept seeing and reading the same stories. Richard Sherman's rant..... Toronto mayor does it again... Is pot the same as alcohol..... The Bachelor running his mouth....

    I wish news was more positive, but there are so many negative things happening in our world today. I wish we saw more articles like the amazing things occurring in life. So for the few minutes if you are still reading....Think about the surgeons that made Aubrey's surgery a success, and the surgeons all over the world that perform miracles. Think about all the nurses that help Aubrey as we speak, and all the other nurses across the world that help children in need of help. People like these are who should be being read about, not some overpaid athlete running his mouth, or a mayor that should not even get a second of airtime to boost his ego.
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