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    Posted January 23, 2014 by
    BANGKOK, Thailand

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    By Michael Yon; Date: Jan 23, 2014

    Making a small Difference (they add up)

    Last night I was reading press about the situation in Thailand. There is an article in the Marine Corps Times about the situation which got it wrong. I posted this on FB, and privately to a group of high-influencers in the United States.

    Ron Reece (here on FB) also forwarded the mistake to the author, who graciously corrected a mistake. Thank you to her.

    I see another piece in the Wall Street Journal today that is off. The WSJ has published my efforts in the past and they normally do well.

    Standing offer to media: before publishing on the unrest in Thailand, contact me. I am in the middle of this. I can either say what is going on, or hand you over to others who can. I literally am in the middle of it as I write these words. What happens in Thailand is important to Europe and North America. Contact: Michael.Yon@gmail.com

    These events have much texture. The PDRC is peaceful. Two Buddhist groups who have joined PDRC as a team (but not under -- they are allies) are peaceful. KPT, another ally with PDRC, can be more prone to action, but has been peaceful other than responding to a provocation. I witnessed KPT in action. They fought but it was in response to attack. The farmers are not under PDRC, but are allies now, and are prone to serious action. The farmers are streaming to Bangkok.

    The drive by shootings and small bomb attacks are happening AGAINST the peaceful anti-government protestors. Mostly against the PDRC, KPT, and the two peaceful Buddhist groups. The attacks are being perpetrated by PRO-government elements, not by PDRC and allies. (There are of course conspiracy theories to fill every imagination, but on the ground here it appears obvious that pro-government forces are doing the attacking. I leave room open for surprises. TiT -- This is Thailand.)

    My previous post on the Marine Corps Times story that was off:

    Another ill-informed Article about Thailand:

    "About 5,000 U.S. troops are forging ahead with a multinational military exercise in Thailand despite widespread disorder in the capital, Bangkok, where officials declared a state of emergency Tuesday after anti-government protesters incited violence throughout the city."

    Looks like the Marine Corps Times is dealing with bad "intel." It is not the peaceful protestors who are making the violence. I hope their intel is better in the next conflict.
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