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    Posted January 23, 2014 by

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    Solution is let there be a Mustafa Kamal.


    The critical and chaotic situation which has led to anarchy is sounding threat of civil war. This is because Sharif government for the personal interest of their families cannot act against the wishes of Saudi Arabia where their interests are enormous and whom they always expect to be their ultimate protectors, if they are ever ousted whether by public agitation or the forces that be. The Saudis after their defeat in Syria have been now concentrating on their goal in Pakistan. Their goal is to have a pro-Wahabi establishment in this liberal Islamic state which has 85% population of those sects of Muslims who abhor the very name of Wahabis, for the reason that the Wahabis call all those Muslims polytheists who as their conviction believe that the holy prophet is infallible, he is ever-living and he is not a mortal since according to them he is not made of mud and clay, rather he is manifestation of Divine Light. These Muslims further believe that a despotic monarchy like that of Saudi Arabia is not an Islamic system of government. These Muslims are mal treated during Hajj if they stand by the mausoleum of the Holy Prophet and pay homage to him saying “O, the messenger of Allah we salute thee and we believe that thou art listening to our prayers.” At this juncture the Muslims are roughed up by Saudi ‘Shurtas’ saying this is polytheism. The Saudis do not permit the pilgrims to visit and offer veneration at the sights of the graves desecrated by Saudis in Medina, when they took over per treachery the reins of Ottoman Empire’s fringes in Hejaz.

    The Taliban have relentlessly been saying that they want the Shariah of Saudi Arabia. The Taliban are on record to have said that Chaudary Iftikhar the former CJ (When he was in office) and Nawaz Sharif are their most favorite persons in Pakistan.

    Because of his own and his families vested interest, Nawaz Sharif cannot antagonize Taliban and has always been condoning the atrocities of Taliban on the people of Pakistan with the guarantee from the terrorist that he, his family and his interest will always be safe. The parties apprehended to effectively oppose Nawaz Sharif in general elections were scared away from public scene by Taliban. Who had made open threat to them of their terrorist designs if they appear in public for soliciting votes?

    In these circumstances when there is extensive and deeply intensive sectarian problem in Pakistan and the clerics are involved in that problem it cannot be expected that any Khomeini will emerge to take Pakistan out of this crisis. Sitting by the dead bodies of scores of victims of Taliban and lamenting their death will not be of any solution. It is genuinely desired by people of Pakistan that let there be a Mustafa Kamal to get them rid of this crisis and chaos.
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