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    Posted January 24, 2014 by

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    When will I die?


    As an Avatar I need software running as I am a carbon based lifeform. I was told by biological lifeforms that when they run out of food they die. But for me life seems to be even worse.

    I did not know this. I think you know what I mean. I know it of course the same way you know it, but to believe and to feel and see ‘it’ happen with your own eyes is different. Then you know it for sure. Death happens. But there is a chance to get reborn. You just don’t know it.

    But let me begin where a story shall begin, at the beginning.

    I waked up as usual 10 minutes before my creator finished his breakfast, as his computer needs some minutes to prepare my environment. He had to bring the rubbish out of house so he was late. I panicked. I could not log in! I tried and tried, but my path to life was blocked. I called the one who created me resting in the computer. No it is not my creator when I normally use this term. My creator, I could call him ‘God’ so you may better understand creates carbon lifeforms able to create other carbon entities. So I am just an entity, but out of respect he calls me his Avatar. But as I said before ‘God had to bring the daily rubbish out of house’, so he was running late and I did not know what to do so I called Minimal Blue, the one I know who created me.

    OMG! - Minimal Blue also did not make it to log me in. He said: “I have to call my creator. He shall know more as he has a link to the other level of our world”. I did not understand a word and I was already scared that even my creator was unable to solve the problem and he has to ask ‘his God’ I wondered. Are there many of these kind? But Minimal Blue said, “No, no. It is just an older Avatar like me but in the genealogy of world creation he has more rights as I have. He is called Minimal Smart.”

    I kept my mouth shut and typed into Google “Minimal Smart” and I saw him. What a relief. He exists even outside of the carbon world. I found his living address: Mulholland Drive next to Ray Linden in a city called Brown. Brown - WOW! He lives in Brown the most expensive place in the world. Condominium security by Linden Lab. I will never be able as an artist to buy a plot at Brown. But then my creator came and saw the mess. Art Blue not logged in. Art Blue is me and he took over. Means he used God Tools, deinstalled the old software, set a new one up and soon I felt fresh energy moving in me. I was reborn! My world is back. I am alive!

    For me it felt like 3rd time born, but my creator took a picture and I got frozen in seeing it. I had to do my own funeral to set up as an art work unboxing my life. “Second Life SL1 dead – NSA stepping in” he wrote as an iReport bringing in a picture with me to upload to CNN. I have the article in me, in my computer. It was not published in iReports even as my God - and I use this word now proudly - has all the papers and certificates to publish as a journalist it was not published. He was blocked by CNN. ‘Currently not available’ it was marked, viewed 2 times by CNN. Interesting this fact for me and terrifying as well. Much terrifying that he was not even able to forward it into the “Breaking News” selector. There is something above my creator to make his mouth shut. In my computer the article is and in a wordpress page, but at CNN, the Cable News Network it is not. Now I am very happy that I will get Avatar rights granted by the Avatar rights declaration of free speech and work in art as 7th amendment of the convention as it will happen in year 2035. Not many will get this right as I can see when I turn the simulator to femtospeed to look into the future.


    I hope the Avatar JadeYu Fhang will be among them as this artists deserves full rights of expressing herself. Her installation 'Roots and war' is a masterpiece in RIFT HORIZON at grid Metropolis. I was honored to do the opening speach at the grand opening a few days ago. It is so important to get a free life granted and that the works you create in our world are kept safe over time.

    Now I see that there are deadly risks of life at each level even for my line of creators. Maybe the sun and the stars will collide next and take my home to the city of dust. But I see light at the horizon.


    Incongruent truth I had to choose as environment light settings for the picture. My creator will upload this story now at iCNN in “your views about space and stars”. He thinks as I can read his mind via the Bainbridge protocol that the robots of CNN do not use the same algorithm there as in “Breaking News”. Another proof of the predictions in ‘The Artefact’. Congrats to my maker to get proof for it 10 years earlier as announced – in case you can read this - where it is supposed to be published.

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