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    Posted January 23, 2014 by

    Exactly Why Facebook's Business Model is Amazing


    If you had to choose, would you want your significant other to pay more attention to WHO you are or to what you occasionally do?


    Who You Are: A health-conscious person.
    What You Occasionally Do: Eat hamburgers and french fries.


    Who You Are: Educated and well-read.
    What You Occasionally Do: Watch celebrity gossip TV.


    Who You Are: Positive and Active.
    What You Occasionally Do: Feel down and exhausted.


    Who You Are: An Opera Fan.
    What You Occasionally Do: Buy a Justin Bieber item for your obsessed niece.


    As a marketer I want to target WHO you are - and rarely do I want to target what you occasionally do.


    Your search for "Justin Bieber tshirt" it does not make you a 'Belieber'. However, the fact that you post Facebook status updates about the Met or that you liked a Renée Fleming fan page probably does mean you are a raving opera fan.


    I’d love to show ads to you about Health, Literature, Active Living and Opera. Even better, I'd like to test variations of the ads at least a couple dozen times. Facebook makes it easy to target you over and over because, for better or worse, they know you.


    The best a search-triggered ad can do is display once based on what you just searched for. Granted, that might possibly generate a sale but it has a very small chance of communicating to the real you.


    The essence of Facebook's ad targeting capability - and business model - is providing advertisers the ability to target the actual person.


    Of course, some people may not appreciate being targeted for marketing purposes but I guarantee marketers love having such ability and they are willing to pay Facebook for the privilege.


    ~ Filed by Donart Nummer of AdGeekery

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