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    Posted January 24, 2014 by
    Bangkok, Thailand
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    Thai military declares coup

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    Solving the Puzzle..(Jan 20, 2014)


    Who order all these grenade attacks aiming to kill or maim the supporters and the leaders of The People's Committee for Absolute Democracy With the King As Head of State (PCAD). The attacking was done in broad daylight on the peaceful and unarmed marching columns. The result was 1 death and more than 60 injures. The interim government (propped up by the Police), the Police themselves and the so called “Black Clad Men” ( S.S. Branch of the Police) all denied involvement.


    Our investigative teams will attempt to solve these puzzles. Here is the chain of events..


    1. August 2013...The “Man in Dubai” held a meeting with his former classmates and “men in green” who are closely allied with “The Five Tigers” level in the Army. One of the attendant is presently the Army's Deputy Chief. The meeting was about planning of “self-created military coup” against his own proxy-regime that will effectively “Set Zero” everything. The plan was to use two battalions of the Army Second Infantry to guard “Suan Ruen Rerdee” the site of the ISOC (Internal Security Operations Command). All the subsequent commands and operations will be initiated from this location's war-room. Soon after this meeting, “Biggest Men in Green” let leaked a secretly recorded audio clip now infamously known as “Clip Tung Chao”, to let everybody involved know that he was aware of their scheme.


    2. A high level “Black Clad Men” started slowly and discreetly sending “Hard Core Red Shirt Men” into Bangkok. The estimated final total of these “violent prone” men is about 2,000. They mostly resided in Lad Prao and Samlong, in or around business district. They took turn attend the PCAD and Allies' rallies with the main goal of inciting violence.


    3. Thailand and The United States has an agreement on cooperation against terrorism. The United States, citing The USA Patriot Act and Homeland Security, eavesdropped on a “Man in Dubai” telephone conversation on one of his trips to Montenegro. The USA then warned Thailand about the upcoming acts of terrorism aimed at Bangkok.


    4. January 14, 2014...Rouge militant groups from the north and northeast provinces of Thailand, heavily armed with weapons cache supplied by Cambodian refugees, start to came out in the open. Large amounts of heavy weapon started to make their way to Bangkok and its suburb. All this was carried out under the approval of “Black Clad Men” and treasonous “Men in Green”. These weapons were meant to be used against the citizen, the PCAD and the Army proper, in case the planned election of February 2, 2014 could not go through. These actions were exposed when cache of “Russian Made RGD5” grenades were discovered near Thai-Cambodian border. January 13, 2014 the “Red Shirt” use the same RGD5 to harass the Nonthaburi Province's PCAD leader's dwelling. January 14, 2014 a woman and three men were caught at a highway checkpoint in Bang Na (outskirt of Bangkok) with many weapons including 4 RGD5 grenades. When arrested, they made a quick phone call to someone in a “very top” position to request prompt release. January 17, 2014 at Bantad Thong Street...the “third person” threw RGD5 grenades at Mr.Suthep Thaugsuban's (Head of the PCAD) marching column and a sniper made a failed attempt at killing him. January 19, 2014 at Bangkok “Victory Monument” protesting site another RGD5 was thrown by another “third person” at the PCAD's leader. All these cowardly sneak attacks resulted in many injuries. Not to mention the attack on Ramkhamhaeng University students that resulted in one death, grenade-attacks on the Head of the Democratic Party's and Bangkok Governor’s dwellings, daily shootings and harassing on peaceful and unarmed protesters.


    5. All the violent attacks were perpetrated by armed section of the “Red Shirt” movements whose method of operations always be sneakily and cowardice. Adding to that, they have the discreet support of “Dubai's Men in Green”.
    6. “Man in Dubai” have two choices to accomplish his goal. Promote at all cost to have a new election to wipe out all missteps that he and his proxies have taken. Failing that, his only other choice is to use violent and murderous actions against unarmed public. He is hoping to provoke the Military into staging a coup which is his goal all along. This despot and his thugs will do anything to gain back absolute power. They will stop at nothing, be it murders, kidnappings, arson or offensive speeches and actions against Thai people's most beloved and highest institution.


    In conclusion, one can clearly see who ordered all these recent violent attacks on the peaceful and unarmed protesters.

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