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    Why are the Zionist Big Brothers angry at IHH?


    Why are the Zionist Big Brothers angry at IHH?


    As the millions are sitting at home, having a great time and relaxing, turmoil is being suffered and black history is being written right beside us, in Syria. The casualties are quite many, with over 130,433 deaths according to official UN statistics. The extent of the genocide was seen even further last night, with Turkey's Anadolu Agency publishing over 55,000 photographs, leaked by a military policeman codenamed 'Ceaser' who was serving the Assad regime. The photos truly show us the degree of suffering going on, as almost a whole nation is being wiped out, with a whole civilization going with it.

    Turkey has been a great example with both its general population and its politicians with their firm stance, since the history of Syria had been darkened. Both the Turkish government and Turkish NGO's are quite conscious of the situation resulting in them trying to send aid through to Syria, to help the needy, and to remedy the physical and spiritual wounds of the Syrian population. As the Turkish FM Davutoglu had stated “Both humanity and Syria should be rescued..”

    It seems as though some institutions and nations were quite disturbed and are continuing to be with the amount of aid and help being provided by both the Turkish government and Turkish NGO's. With the Turkish government and Turkish NGO's feeding more than 41,000 refugees within the border between the state of Kilis and Syria and also opening its doors to over 500,000 Syrian refugees. Turkey can be said to be living its 'golden age' in terms of humanitarian relief and aid.

    Those following the latest news regarding Turkey should be able to perceive that Turkish NGO's have been targeted with false accusations lately and are going through quite a bit of degradation. Though the international audience would not realise that both the Turkish and International media are 'barking up the wrong tree', due to them basing all their arguments only on false accusations with no proof between their hands.

    One Turkish NGO being targeted a great deal is the IHH.

    Undoubtedly the breaking point of the false targeting of IHH was the Mavi Marmara Flotilla incident in which 9 innocent civilians were killed by Israeli Armed forces including 19 year old American citizen Furkan Dogan. With this incident the IHH had shown the true face of Israel to the rest of the world, with the 'Big Brothers' in Israel not very happy with the result, adding the IHH to its 'Terrorist List'. Israel seems to be 'biting off more than it can chew' as IHH is effective in more than 75% of the worlds geographical regions.

    IHH can be said to be the center of coordination between the world and Syria as it is the only NGO throughout the world, able to deliver humanitarian relief and aid to the heart of the blackened Syria. It had recently pledged 50 million dollars as its Syria budget for the year of 2014 making it one of the leading and most effective NGO's within the Middle East region, in terms of trying to bring change and support for Syria and all occupied regions.
    Lastly, the IHH is causing an awakening for the millions sitting at home, making them conscious of all that is going on within the occupied regions as a result showing us the events and news that does not find its place on television, and in terms going against the agenda of both the United States and Israel.

    Considering all the above facts and figures, can one now understand why the IHH and Turkish NGO's are being targeted?

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