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  • Posted January 24, 2014 by
    Tokyo, Japan

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    THIS is exactly what is WRONG in Britain today ! CRAZY, VIOLENT, UN-BRITISH IMMIGRANTS !


    Drunken thug kicked total stranger's head for no reason like a football as he bent down to tie his shoelaces  so WHY did he only get a suspended sentence ?

    Because British effeminate, pink cloaked judges are way too SOFT on violent crime by imbeciles who understandably don,t fear punishment !



    Vitalijis Zavjalovs, 22, was captured on CCTV laughing with a friend as he leaves his victim lying on the ground following the attack in Wigan, Lancashire. The footage, which emerged during a court hearing to sentence Zavjalovs, shows Zavjalovs running towards his victim before kicking him in the head and then leaving him lying unconscious on the ground


    There is no excuse for violence in today,s World, specially by

    foreign immigrants and they are causing unbelievable havoc and mayhem on Britain,s streets daily !

    If this happened in Australia a lot of folk would fight back and punish the perpetrators on the spot as happened not so long ago when a bunch of Lebanese thugs attacked and assaulted some lifesavers who are revered over there. A huge crowd of Aussie beachgoers then gave them something to think about !

    Australians don,t tolerate this and nor should Britain......this is why I have long said Britain doesn,t need or want anymore immigrants......especially violent thugs lunatics who behave like this!



    Video at     paul martin foreigncorrespondent   on browser

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