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    Posted January 24, 2014 by
    Wilmington, Delaware
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    Diggs: Rapping His Way To Success

    Growing up in Wilmington, Delaware there were a lot of creative people that I encountered through out school. Whether you lived on Westside, Northside, Southbridge, or even what’s known as the bucket, there are many talented people. With myself being one of them a writer and many more creatives out there in the 302 that want their shot at being successful. Currently with the crime rate being at a ultimate high hope is still something that will never go stagnant for some people. One person in particular that caught my attention is a local rapper by the name of Freddie but many call him “ Diggs”.

    During our high school days Freddie and I would always have our notebooks and would be writing, I’d be writing a story and he would be writing music. I’m proud of how far he came and his continuance to strive for success. Diggs hard work has paid off when he was seen on national TV, a show titled 106&Park, he was featured on the show battling another rapper from Canada. When I saw him on TV instantly I got excited and was happy to see that my friend had made it. “ Since 106 & Park, I learned that no one knows what it’s like until your there. I believe that I wasn’t ready. Everything changed over night. People came into my life who would have never talked to me before I was on the show.” It was no surprise that Diggs new fame would get him the attention that he was receiving. Currently, he is working on a new mix tape that will be out soon.

    I’ve often had conversations with other artists who are trying to make it that are from Delaware. Sadly, it’s a lot of people who feel that Delaware doesn’t support their own myself included. “ Delaware has always been a state where people don’t support unless you are doing something somewhere else. Like when you are here some people show you love and some of them don’t,” Diggs says. Freddie says that all of his supporters have been his same supports since day one. Diggs talks about learning from his experience of being on the hit show. “ I learned a lot and met a lot of people from the show and I had a great experience”, Diggs says. He talked about how people wanted him to fail or succeed on the show and life has changed since then. “ I learned that anything is possible if you work at it. I auditioned a couple years before that and then my daughter said for me to go back and try again. It was my daughter that told me to try again and I did and I made it, “ Diggs says. He stressed enough at how he wasn’t mentally prepared and people were making plans for him before he made it and a lot of people weren’t there for him when he lost. “ When I was on BET it gave me a drive because I was able to see people live the dream that I wanted to do. Since the show I’m not reinventing myself and ready to come out and give the people great music to listen to”, he says.

    Diggs has a lot of singles that will be coming out soon. I must say that I’m very excited to hear them on the radio and performed live. To prepare himself he’s been doing a lot of work, reading and getting himself together as a brand. He loves to work with people who have the same work ethic that he has. Diggs says that this project that he’s working on is his best project yet. He will have a showcase and a release party soon. “ I’m honest on this project. On my previous projects I felt that I was trying to do things for everyone else and not really for myself” Diggs says. I asked Freddie if he thought about acting and he stated, “ I was casted into a film but I didn’t know how far he would go with it so I fell back from it.” Diggs manager will be getting him set up for a college tour. I look forward to hearing more of Diggs music and I want to encourage people from Delaware and all people to continue to strive for success. Freddie uses all of his negativity and uses it as motivation. But there are some people that support what he’s doing. I will say to the state of Delaware we can be successful by helping each other grow and evolve to be what we want to be. It’s not lonely at the top if you help someone else get there.
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